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The Showcase Theme – Simple yet Beautiful WordPress Template

Showcase Theme

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The Showcase Theme is a simple yet beautiful wordpress template. This wordpress theme was previously known as the Simple portfolio and has a clean design with the focus solely on the works itself.


The Showcase wordpress template is perfect for the development of websites for the animators, designers, artists and the photographers. This wordpress theme is easily customizable according to the needs and requirements of your website.


The Showcase Theme is compatible with the modern browsers of today like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The menu provided on the homepage remains fixed at all times thus providing an intuitive and unique experience of navigation for your visitors as the remaining contents of page do scroll. The high quality and precision of the theme provides a unique and attractive look to your website.

Clean coding and a clear formatting that helps in the better customization of your website back the theme. It is linked to all the well-known social network sites of today like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. There are customizable templates of pages that can give you a new look and feel to every page of your website. It supports number pagination and has a content slider that is featured by jQuery.

The theme provides customizable options for the header, background and the menu management of your website. There are categorized templates and layout for managing of the portfolios present on your website. The theme also includes a Photoshop designed file and gravity form style in it. It also provides a detailed documentation and PSD file that helps you design and manage your website in an easier and better way.

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