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The Delight WordPress Theme Is Very Powerful and Professional

Delight WordPress theme

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The Delight wordpress theme is very powerful and professional and includes many advanced features and designs. Unlike many of the wordpress templates, this theme requires a pretty good server in order to run all its functions properly.


Delight is one of the most powerful and advanced wordpress template that is mainly for use by the professionals and the experts in this field. It can be used in corporations, business, tourism sites and by the designers with some experience in this field.


It gives absolute full screen support for slideshows, photos, videos and maps. There are options of sidebars that may or may not be used according to the will of the designers. There are numerous widgets in this wordpress theme that can be used for different purposes and are fully customizable.

It has got a generator for contact forms backed by Ajax that supports multiple page navigation, flickering of thumbnails, breadcrumbs, sections for sharing and so on. It gives support to many jQuery effects along with many customizable layouts, filters and effects that can be made use of as per requirement.

There are a large number of shortcodes that are available with this theme that are fully customizable and help design any web page with dropcaps, slideshows, videos, tooltips, lists, tables, tabs, buttons and other options.

It also helps in embedding of videos from YouTube apart from self-hosting them in the .flv format as a part of the background. The theme comes with different variant colors and fonts that enhance the look and feel of the theme.

It supports sortable portfolios that are backed by infinite scrolling effects. This is one of the best and most powerful themes developed in wordpress till date.

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