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The Craft Theme Is One of the Best Tools in WordPress

Craft Theme

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The Craft theme is one of the best tools in wordpress for the development of websites and blogs. With numerous useful features, it is increasingly becoming popular day by day.


The Craft wordpress theme is by far the best for the designers who wish to show off the quality of their work and want to make clear presentations of their thoughts.

The Craft theme was developed by a person named Brad Potter and it is best suited for small businessmen, bloggers and corporations. It brings together elegance and simplicity without compromising the quality by any means.


There are numerous features of the Craft theme that makes it so very popular among the designers. It has three in-built background wordpress templates or textures.

The wordpress templates are of full width and feature blogs and contact forms as well. It has smooth animated thumbnails for the portfolios and allows slideshows on the project pages and the homepage as well.

It has a clean and elegant look to itself that is easily customizable as per requirement. There are cool and customizable color options that come with this theme. This wordpress theme also has smooth and animated drop-down menus that support jQuery. It has footers and sidebars that are already supplied with the necessary widgets.

The Craft theme gives support for button shortcuts, threaded comments and has a readily built in Lightbox. It also provides customized background support for WordPress 3.0. It also gives options of uploading customized logos and setting of the desired color schemes for your website.

The Craft theme is one of the best WordPress that includes all the features for the building of a good and presentable website.

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