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The ecoMag Is a Very Trendy and Stylish WordPress Theme

ecoMag Is a Very Trendy and Stylish

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The ecoMag is a very trendy and stylish wordpress theme of premium quality. This wordpress template is magazine style and has many advanced customizable features.


The ecoMag is a perfect wordpress template that is used for the development of websites related to newspapers and magazines. This wordpress theme is highly content centric and displays all the contents of your website in slideshows or filmstrips.


The ecoMag theme is very vibrant and dynamic with numerous color schemes that help in the better designing of your website. It is compatible with wordpress 2.9 and its later advanced versions. With this theme, you can create a featured filmstrip or a sleek slideshow of the contents on your website.

It is compatible with the modern browsers as well like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The theme has an options panel on the backend for the administrator to have full control on its features and functions. The codes for this theme are well structured, clean and semantic that will definitely be liked by any developer.

The theme consists of a dynamic footer and a sidebar that can be populated by customizable widgets, which help in the designing and the editing of your website. Other widgets are included in this theme like the eco social and the eco banner. The former links your website with all the popular social network sites while the latter features the ads and the banners you place on your website.

The theme is very simple and lightweight which makes its working very fast and attractive. Documents and tutorials are provided with this theme for the easier and better working of your website.

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