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The Style Is a Fashionable WordPress Theme

Style Is a Fashionable

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The Style is a fashionable wordpress theme that looks very stylish and modern. This wordpress template is highly trendy and attracts many people to the websites built with this theme.


The Style wordpress template is built mainly with for the websites related to fashion, beauty, women and style. This wordpress theme is magazine style and you can easily use it to build attractive magazine and newspaper websites.


The Style theme is compatible with all the major browsers of the today like the Netscape, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is very friendly and easy to use and is already SEO ready. This results in your website attracting greater traffic and acquiring higher and better ranks in the search engine results. Two color schemes are available with this theme and supports uploading of customizable logos on your website.

There are three templates for the portfolios and two templates for the blogs that are available with this theme. It has links to all the modern and popular social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. It also gives Gravatar support and is ready for the pagination function. The theme also manages sections for the advertisements on your website, which not only bring you revenue but also attain more popularity to your website.

There are photo galleries that are added to the posts, which help in adding more and more photos to your website thereby making it more and more attractive to your visitors. Detailed documents and tutorials are provided with this theme that guides you through not only its installation but also in managing the other features that are available with this theme.

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