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The Medica Is a Premium WordPress Theme

Medica Is a Premium

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The Medica is a premium wordpress theme that has diverse features incorporated in it. This wordpress template gives a very modern yet professional look to your website.


This Medica wordpress template is designed mainly for the development of websites for the dentists, health clinics and offices and for doctors as well. With numerous medical features enabled in it, this wordpress theme is best for developing a medical website.


The Medica theme is perfectly compatible with all the major browsers of the recent times like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. It is SEO ready and hence gets your website higher and better ranks in the results of the search engines. This theme has all the assistance for your visitors in search of matters related to the medical field.

The installation is very simple and fully automatic without the need of fiddling with its settings. The theme supports many short codes that help in the better designing of your website. It includes jQuery-supported image and video Lightbox for the best display of media files on your website.

It supports automatic resizing of images and tabs that are enabled by JavaScript. The theme is Feedburner ready and has dynamic sidebars with customizable widgets for the better handling of your website. It has a custom font style called Font-face apart from a slider on its homepage for the highlighting of important blogs and posts of your website.

A powerful options panel for the administrator is available with the help of which you can practically customize every feature of the theme. Detailed documentation and PSD files are provided with the theme for the easier management of your website.

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