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WordPress Template for Article Directories

 An Article Directory Website Using WordPress

Article Directory

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This WP theme is a great option to create an article directory website using WordPress. The interface is really simple which makes website maintenance an easy process.

Through this theme, you can now upload articles in bulk and maintain a directory in a very efficient manner.

An Overview

The WordPress theme can be used to create article directories. To make this happen, the Homepage can be customized the way you want through widgets which are particularly designed to cater to this feature.

The design of the theme also has been showcased in such a manner that exposure to all segments has been made possible. Through the interface, you can also add and remove sites with élan.

The standard issue costs around $65 while the developer issue costs about $99.


The articles in the directory can either be featured through the grid form or the list form. This gives the WP theme two different styles of viewing the site. You can also create registrations for users and enable the sign up options to feature on the site.

This will enable them also to post articles from their dashboard which is a necessary feature in a theme like this. You can exercise great control over the look and the functionality of your site thanks to a comprehensive admin panel which will enable you to make the necessary modifications.

You can also activate and deactivate payment options such as Paypal, pay cash on delivery, Pre Bank transfers etc which is a very crucial feature for this site.

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