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The Classified Is a Balanced WordPress Template

Classified Is a Balanced

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The Classified Ads is a premium wordpress template that enables you to convert your blog or wordpress website into a proper classified website. This wordpress theme includes numerous features and options that help you achieve this goal.


This Classified Ads wordpress template is used in building a website that features classified advertisements like real estate, foods, cars and other automobiles and so on. This theme is very easy and simple to install and use.


The Classified Ads wordpress theme gives full support for wordpress version 3.3.1 and other later versions. There are varied fields that can be customized as per the requirement of the website and can even be based on the category of the website and content.

It is fully supported with features from Google like maps including the street view along with analytics and adsense. There are various options for the choice of color for the background of your website and is even supportive of colors of the choice of the owner apart from the ones that are already in-built in the theme.

It is totally SEO optimized which enables it to acquire better rankings in the search engines. No additional plug-ins are necessary to be installed as everything is already provided in the theme by default.

It also provides support for multiple languages and currencies that makes it easier for the visitors to interact with your website. There are many payment gateways that are integrated with the theme thus making it very safe and easy for the visitors to make their payments.

It gives support for blogs and provides email notifications as well. It is directly connected to many popular social networks as well.

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