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Stomaci – WordPress Template for Restaurants

Stomaci WordPress Restaurant  Theme

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One of the most important things one needs to keep in mind while promoting one’s restaurant or café is that the webpage for promotion needs to be just as appetizing and appealing as the food that is served in the restaurant.

Among the easiest and best ways to do it is to adapt the new Stomaci WordPress theme for restaurants as the platform for your new webpage.

Filled with a lot of classic features and new innovative add-ons, the Stomaci theme ensures that your webpage exudes the charm of an old world restaurant while reserving all the plush comfort of a modern establishment. It hardly gets any better than this.

The most important piece of improvement in the new Stomaci theme is the complete freedom given to the user in terms of customization. The user is allowed to customize the theme and therefore, the look and feel of the page as he or she chooses.

This enables restaurant owners or promoters to give a unique feel to their webpage.

All this can be done with a few clicks, as can the installation of a variety of WordPress widgets and add-ons. Such lean and light widgets enable you to post dynamic content to interface with the customers and make your webpage more interactive.

A multitude of color skins and short code integration ensures that while you can fiddle around with the theme at will, you are never bothered by cumbersome coding.

Featuring Google maps to ensure your customers know where your business is, the theme includes a shower of page templates and SEO optimization makes your website all the more desirable as far as search engines are concerned.

Compatible with Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE, this is the best gift anyone ever gave to restaurant owners. Pounce upon this terrific opportunity to give yourself a vivid new restaurant website.

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