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Setlist – WordPress Template for Radio Station

Setlist WordPress Theme

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Make some noise with Setlist, the new WordPress template for radio station

For the music industry of the modern age, just having a great sound or a superb song is not enough. Not only do you need the talent, but you also need the tools and the desire to market that talent. And this is where the Internet comes in, with its vast array of users who surf the Internet every day.

It is for the benefit of those artists and music bands in particular, that the all-new WordPress template for radio station called Setlist had made its presence felt. This template allows any musician to upload and store music files and video for general public consumption.

SEO being an essential part of the activities that are invested in website development, users will gain a lot from the fact that the end product you get with Setlist is perfectly built for preferential treatment by search engines.

This new WordPress theme is compatible with any music player in the world, thereby allowing the user to post any kind of music or content he or she likes. The WordPress platform has inbuilt widgets but the user gets the choice to use more widgets.

These additional widgets help in social networking integration like a Facebook or a Twitter widget. Adding musical content from various sources has also been rendered infinitely easier with the powers of Setlist WP template, with the user simply copying the content from the website. Page layout and logo uploaders help the user to create a slick unique page.

Fully compatible with social networking sites and browsers, this new WordPress theme gives you advantages like full control over banner advertising management.

The image galleries you can create and present with Setlist will also catapult the popularity of your website in the target audience groups to greater heights.

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