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Metric – A Classy WordPress Template for Websites to Increase Your Sales


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Your website is the face of your business, the visual impression of your idea! Taking a half hearted step and putting across a half baked website with compromised designs is definitely going to land you with lost customers and subscribers.

Agreed, it is more about the weight of the product or idea being sold, but then, there is no reason why you can’t give yourself better chances of creating the ideal impression on prospective clients with the leverage of a dependable and pleasing WordPress template for websites.

This is where Metric makes its presence felt. Professionalism and confidence ooze from every nook and cranny of this special WP theme.

You get 6 different layouts to use with different pages on the website. Not only does this lend a sense of organization to your website, but also makes the task of presenting a lot of content in a comprehensive manner easier.

And then, there is an expansive menu of theme options which you can use to differentiate your website from other similar ventures, and possibly establish an edge over competitors.

Featured images also lend some visual appeal to the pages, and the threaded comments availability makes communication and query management a cakewalk.

The columnar footers are also charming to look at and enable you to put across product information right at the home page, without appearing desperate for attention.

The theme is compatible with all the regular breeds of browsers, such as the latest versions of Firefox and IE. With no compatibility issues at all, your task is reduced to making choices from the preset layouts of the Metric theme.

You could always have a demo of the theme in operation and see for yourself the degree of professionalism that effuses from the template.

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