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Duet – The Refined WordPress Template for an Editor

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A two-column WordPress template for the editor and the likes can never go wrong. There is a distinctive sense of sophistication associated with such themes, and Duet WP theme underscores this assertion. Writers and journalist have their ideal partner in the form of this two-column theme called Duet.

The degree of refinement about the outlook is definitely going to stand you in good stead with the intellectually sound clientele you\’ll be serving. A WordPress template for editor cannot delve too deeply into the eye candy appearances most websites try to put up these days.

And this careful design must be matched with powerful template options so that the administrators can dynamically update content and customize their websites to reflect their personalities.

The elements of HTML5 and CSS3 provide a solid foundation on which Duet rests. Viewing on mobile devices needs to be particularly catered to in case of websites of journalists and editors. Duet works equally well with all kinds of mobile devices.

Users have the option of using custom-made logos to lend some distinction to their websites. You are provided a good number of options in terms of the beautiful web fonts that shape the text of the website.

Pick from among three-color themes and differentiate the pages from others. The level of customization is impressive and you can tailor make every single post. The sidebar can be easily enabled and disabled.

Among other features are included social network integration and custom made copyright notices to be included with post texts. Adding and sharing images, galleries and videos with posts are extremely easy with Duet.

Editors and writers can penetrate into different categories of viewers with this powerful WP theme. You could try a free version before going for the paid full version.

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