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Best Premium Movie WordPress Templates

Movie WordPress Templates

Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment and there is nothing better than a regular scoop of film news and reviews to spice up your daily lives. Movie WordPress Templates make it simple enough for you to set up your personal movie blog or web page. You are able to add and integrate several different movie clips from various media web pages since it is an excellent way to attract new visitors to your web page by showcasing previews to the next big blockbuster or your very own moviemaking skills.

You can even establish some kind of rating system to gain the necessary input on what exactly your users are searching for and what are the best feature to introduce into your movie website. Movie WordPress Templates vary from clean and sleek to popular downloads, and professional to amateur themes to satisfy every taste.



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“Motion Picture” is a WordPress powered video blogging template. This premium theme is perfect for video bloggers who like to preview trailers from upcoming movies to attract visitors to the site. The high definition template has a design which provides special attention to the font along with carrying out the management of white space to balance out the pages containing either SD or HD movie videos.

There are two main color schemes – dark and light. If you opt for the dark theme, the movie videos begin to play front and center. The blog is completely supported by the Typography manager. You can even make use of the “Motion Picture” WordPress template as a normal blog without the addition of any videos or images due to the inclusion of a standard image uploader with filters and auto-resizing features.

The theme is supported by various browsers such as Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome, Opera, and IE9. The regular license sets you back by $35 while an extended license can cost you $1750.



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The “Filmmaker” WordPress Template happens to be an extremely powerful yet easy to use movie theme that is capable of transforming any blog powered by WordPress into a full-fledged independent movie web page, in a matter of mere minutes. You just need to upload this theme into the Customize dashboard of your WordPress blog and you can get your personal movie web page running in a matter of minutes, complete with social media links, trailers and integrated buttons.

The design is simple and easy to navigate and is bound to attract more visitors. The theme is search engine friendly and you are able to customize the fonts, background, and logo in order to maintain the consistency of the brand. The “Filmmaker” template is available for free online.



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“The Producer” is a movie-centric WordPress theme meant for production firms and studios. The template was designed completely around the feature of showcasing videos. It is an outstanding theme from Theme Forest featuring an exclusive panel effect when scrolling along with a conventional credit roll effect.

Light and dark skins are available. You are able to add thumbnail images easily using the built-in WordPress format. Compatible browsers for “The Producer” WordPress template are IE9, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome and Opera.



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This modern film and entertainment WordPress template is ideal for TV, films, movie companies and agency websites. You get the benefit of unlimited background and color choices and with unbranded and simple theme options. Customizing your web page or blog is simple with auto image resizing and menu manager tools.

You get the option to use left or right sidebar. It is possible to customize widgets and the template is multi browser compatible. The package, worth $35 regular license and $1750 when you pick the extended license, includes the PSD files.



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Movie Spot happens to be a simple yet attractive movie WordPress template which is available for download. The extensive admin options and user friendly features allow you to set the branding.

The template is compatible with the newest version of WordPress and possesses ready widgets. Gravatar can be enabled for comments on the blog. The “Movie Spot” template is compatible with most important browsers such as Safari and IE.



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“Underground Film” WordPress template is intended to promote one particular movie but you can adapt it for different resources. The theme supports custom menu option for WordPress. You can add any widgets you like from the Admin panel to the sidebar. A special Trailer page ensures that visitors are able to view the video properly. You can set the Trailer page as the default landing page as well as display the blog posts separately.



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“Boo Movie” WordPress template is made use of in case of magazines or blogs on movies. The professional design of the site is sure to satisfy you by attracting many visitors. The sliders present in the theme allow your site to showcase more featured post. No plug-in is necessary for the template and you get the benefit of integrated social media links.



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“Reviewer” is a WordPress powered movie template which is suitable for creating blogs though you can even add reviews. The template boasts of several different color schemes along with special widgets for featuring the reviews.

These options will not only help you create an excellent movie blog but will ensure that you gain new visitors to the site. Use your blog to focus on your favorite movie celebrities and even rave a bit about classic films. You can choose to share your blog with your family and friends or even at a professional level for entertainment web pages and media portals.

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