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Best Premium Digital Media WordPress Themes

WordPress is the ultimate word when it comes to online networking and blogging. And since its advent, many have worked really hard to come up with the best of the best themes for the varied customer range, which make use of WordPress to publicize their work and products. Here are some of the best WordPress themes for those who dabble with the finer arts.

Art Devil:


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When it comes to creative blogs, ArtDevil is one of the best WordPress themes there is. If you are on the lookout for putting up a creative blog, then you need not look any further. The features of the theme are endless, and have everything in a nice complete package. There are two sidebars, a slider, widgets which are fully customized, a vertical menu, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The framework is SMT Framework 2.0, has short codes for Google Maps, and the design is highly responsive, so that there is no compromise on quality when you see it on a desktop, or on your mobile phone.



If you are into photography, then this is the ideal WordPress theme for you. It really makes sharing and posting and blogging about photography a cakewalk, and comes with many amazing features such as a Dynamic Content Loader, it is built on the SMT Framework 2.0, and has full custom sidebars. The web design is responsive, and it is Slider ready and Short codes ready. You also get translation options, and it has SEO optimization. It is completely compatible with the latest versions of WordPress, and has Captcha without anti-spam.

Music Plus:


If you want to blog about the topic of music, then MusicPlus will get you sorted. With two really handy sidebars, a vertical menu and custom widgets, this WordPress theme is the bomb! It has a social share bar, a page dedicated to your contacts, SEO optimization, a feature for multicolor related posts, and is shortcodes ready. The responsive design also makes it stand a bit apart from the other themes in this category, and with translation options and a Google Maps feature, you really cannot go wrong with this one!

Music Store:

Music Store

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If you are a music enthusiast, and want to set up your own online music store, then this theme is the best way to go about it. People like to be able to do everything on the go nowadays, and this WordPress theme enables you to set up shop so that people can purchase music on the go! The theme is highly responsive, and display quality is superb, since the background is such that the content on the page really stands out, so that nothing goes missed.

The sidebars are really nifty, as you can use them for containing items on sale, My Cart, and even other features; which will help your customers to compare and contrast products. And what’s more, the theme by default recognizes three currencies, and up to four languages.



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Especially made for those who have a niche for photography, this theme helps photographers to showcase their work and galleries in a very appealing manner. Thanks to the Custom post type for photos, adding endless galleries and photos is a really easy deal with this theme. The sliders are JavaScript, so in the layouts, while you are displaying your photos, you can slide and fade between different photos, or manipulate the speed, and all this can be easily done from the options panel.



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Functionality is the theme of this WordPress theme, so to speak, and if you want to blog about photography, then Aperture is the right way to go about it. The home page is highly useful and multi-functional, and comprises of a module for blogging, a slider for the latest posts, and a plethora of spaces which are widgetized, so that you can customize the entire theme as the way you want to. There are twelve styles that you can tweak with, while you are using the theme, and you simply cannot say no to this!

Fresh folio:

Fresh folio

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If you are an artist, and want to share your work with the general population, then this theme is the best deal you can get. Be it your designs, illustrations, paintings, this theme displays everything in a very stylish way, so that more and more people are drawn to your work. The color variations on this theme are extremely well-balanced, and no matter what color you choose to go with, it all blends in perfectly with the mood of the theme. And the best part is that it installs itself with just a single click, because everything is automatic!

Web Studio:


You have been an artist all your life, and now, finally, after years of hard work, you want to share your works with others. This theme lets you do just that, by keeping the content of your work exactly the way you want it to be, so that the viewer can see it and decipher it as you would like him or her to, without any tampering. The theme has two color schemes, and for color variations, there are four, which really help you to customize the theme as per your liking. There are SEO options which are built into the theme, and this enables you to gain popularity on the web.

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