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Best Premium Architecture WordPress Templates

Any website that one builds will be a combination of the content which speaks about the website and design which tries to supplement the content. When creating a website many people choose to make use of the architecture WordPress templates if they plan on having a website about architecture.

Even though there are several templates which are easily available on the internet, there are certain things which one should keep in mind while selecting the themes of the templates for the WordPress websites. One of the most important things that one should consider is that the template must have a fair mix of both textual content as well as graphical representation.

When one is considering building an architecture website, this becomes even more important as architecture is one such thing which will require a lot of representation in the form of sketches, plans and artistic representations. To make all these things possible, there are numerous architecture WordPress templates which are easily available on the internet. One thing that the user will however have to keep in mind is that the choice of the template should be done keeping in mind the theme of the architecture that it plans to portray.



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When you want to have a website which is going to try to put across an idea about one particular style of architecture, you will surely have to concentrate on all aspects like the theme, color, skins and layout so that all of them convey a uniform message. This theme allows you to not only set the main image on the header but also allows you to make the necessary changes in the other aspects of the design to put across your idea more efficiently.



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This template would be perfect for people who are looking to make their website both informative as well as animated. There are several options which will allow one to make changes in the header and footers and one can also give sliding headers. There is also the option of making a multi column footer where even RSS icons and other social network icons can be placed.

The other good thing about this template is that it is based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding making it very contemporary and technologically superior. And yes, it is a responsive theme.



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Fluid templates such as these not only make the viewing a lot easier but also help accommodate a lot of content and graphics without seeming over crowded. By making use of the 3 column text layout briefly interrupted by small images, the reader will be more easily about to connect to the idea. The option of having stringed comments makes the template extremely attractive.

The template also comes with different skins which the user can select from based on his preference. The other good thing about this template is that it comes with Google fonts and also with the JavaScript.



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This template is specifically designed to enable user convince the viewers about a kind of architecture or of a plan. As most of the content will surely have a lot of design diagrams and graphic representation, the images form the bulk of this design.

There is also the option of having three links for design planning, analysis and modeling making it very easy for the viewer to get a real idea about the architecture. The webpage also has the ability to have built in widgets which can be extremely useful when one has such a website.

Professional Business Theme:


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Themes like these which are zen inspired can be very easily used to convey certain intricate details about the beauty of design in its simplicity. Even the design of the template is extremely simple and very easily usable. The viewer will be able to easily navigate by just the scroll of the mouse.

There are also several other things about such templates like the multi column footer that it providers along with the option of having a column just for the other social media websites. One can also provide stringed comments provisions which will allow others to comment on the content or about the website itself.



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There are also such templates which will not only let you be creative with the content or the choice of the images but also lets you experiment with the different layouts. Playing with the layouts to create that perfect flow of both text and image is something which can add immense value to the webpage and with the help of this template that can be easily achievable.

This template also lets the user use multisite functionality which means other users can sign in and make any changes that they want or add textual matter and images making it truly versatile.


Canvas WP Theme

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There are also these kinds of templates which will let you decide the size of the text and the positioning of the image, giving you a lot more freedom to try out with different layout options. The other thing that is good about such a template is that one will not have to be extremely worried about filling up the empty spaces as if the text is a bit less, all one will have to do is increase the size of the image.

Such templates provide a lot of assistance when it comes to such things and hence have become rather famous. These templates are rather inexpensive and one will be able to find a really good architecture WordPress template for anything less than $40.

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