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35 Best Premium HTML5 WordPress Themes

With their highly advanced functionalities and easy to interact display, HTML5 WordPress themes have become the most preferred themes overnight. They are extremely fast and compatible with almost all devices – making the HTML5 WordPress themes, an instant hit among bloggers. Also the new app additions and the enhanced core functions of the theme allows you to optimize and tweak your themes for better productivity. So let’s take a look at the best premium HTML5 WordPress themes, for those who are looking for a kick start with their business.

1. Agency

Agency HTML5 Theme

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It’s a lightweight, easy to customize WordPress theme, ideally suited for large corporations managing constant traffic. With its integrated HTML5 framework, it works perfectly across all platforms and loads instantly on all browsers.

2. Athena

Athena HTML5 Theme

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Focusing on bringing the images to the forefront – Athena, is a top notch WordPress Theme for anyone, looking for a classy business site. With a flawless photo slider that brings into focus the important product updates, Athena features the best of Ecommerce business themes.

3. Brand Crafters

Brand Crafters

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Looking for a unique theme that stands out of the crowd? Then Brand Crafters is the right WordPress theme for you. With its uniquely styled background and highly customizable display, it is one of the most attractive WordPress themes in the market. Powered by HTML5 it is really quick and effective too.

4. Broker


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It serves as the ultimate WordPress theme for an effective real estate broker site. Edit, add, or delete properties instantly with its unique dynamic real estate framework management module. It also enables you to display attractive pictures of properties or even videos of expert reviews as a slideshow, effortlessly with the included modules.

5. Buro

Buro HTML5 Theme

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This artistic WordPress theme is a tailor made HTML5 theme that caters perfectly to the need of creative businesses. It’s highly customizable and can be varied infinitely to the suit the needs of any business. With a responsive framework, that loads quickly on to any mobile device- it’s a highly functional theme as well.

6. C3

C3 HTML5 Theme


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C3 is a neat and clean WordPress theme, ideal for entrepreneur websites. With unlimited side bars and integrated slider & JavaScript, customize the theme to its full extent to express your ideas.

7. Car dealer

Car dealer HTML5

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Car dealer is a sleek car dealership WordPress theme that is designed to impress. With it attractive slideshow display and easy to manage to photo gallery, display your products with ease. It also has Craigslist integration making it ideal for Car dealership businesses.

8. CloudHost

CloudHost HTML5 Theme

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CloudHost is custom built WordPress theme that well suits the Webhost company sites. Whether it’s a revamp or a brand new website, CloudHost enable a hassle creation of the website. With its creative layout, the theme is very attractive to the artistically inclined as well.

9. Conexus

Conexus HTML5 Theme

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This hassle free WordPress theme can make an easy work of setting up any business website. With its beautifully organized layout and highly responsive framework, it is ideal for keeping your customers engaged. It is also highly customizable with SEO optimizations built into it.

10. Empire

Empire HTML5 Theme

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This grand WordPress theme is the ideal layout for any business website, that’s looking to get ahead of the crowd. With its top notch functionality, and a clean, well space layout; it sure will put your business well ahead of the competition.

11. Empyer

Empyer HTML5

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This WordPress ready theme serves the dual purpose of supporting creative and as well as business websites. With its attractive photo slider background and powerful HTML5 framework, it is the perfect choice for creative businesses.

12. Evident

Evident HTML5 Theme

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This is easy to install WordPress theme is the perfect option for young entrepreneurs looking for hassle free business website. With its powerful admin utility and thoughtfully placed Metaboxes, it provides the highest flexibility in creating business websites.

13. Exquisite Works

Exquisite Works HTML5 Theme

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With easy to install documentation and a powerful HTML5 based framework – Exquisite works is the perfect WordPress theme for a classy corporate website. With 10 different backgrounds to choose from, it’s highly stylish as well.

14. Gallery pro

Gallery Pro HTML5 Theme

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The ideal theme for artists looking to sell their work – Gallery Pro, is one of the most efficient HTML5 themes in the market as well. With it twin color layout and sliding gallery option, it provides infinite options to exhibit your works.

15. Home Owner

Home Owner HTML5 Theme

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If you’re looking for a Real estate website that can reach across countries, then Home Owner is the right theme for you. With its highly customizable framework, and language and currency customization options, it’s the ideal theme for anyone who is looking for a powerful yet easy to handle website.

16. Interakt

Interakt HTML5 Theme

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Interact is a highly compatible WordPress theme that is custom built for websites of agencies and large corporations. It’s is HTML5 built, making it one of the most secure and fast loading themes in the market. Also with infinite color variation, you can make it look as stylish as you desire.

17. Main Street

Main Street HTML5 Theme

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Main Street is a WordPress ready HTML5 theme, best suited for real estate managers. With its multi category search, and breadcrumb filtered results, it performs efficiently to cater the need of choosy customers. Also, with the easy photo gallery management, you can edit and display new properties – hassle free.

18. Merchant

Merchant HTML5 Theme

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As the name signifies, this unique yet very fun theme is the perfect match for a highly creative business. With its JS Script that allows high customization of the layout, and the infinite apps that can be added to the theme, this allows your imaginations run wild

19. MobilityApp

MobilityApp HTML5 Theme

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It is the perfect theme for app developers who are looking for a distinctive yet easy way to market their apps.  With its creative layout and highly customizable color fonts and style, your customers will be drawn by the beauty of this WordPress theme.

20. Open House

Open House HTML5 Theme

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When it comes to selling properties worldwide, there are few other themes which can compare with the customizability of Open House. Apart from the basic features common to all real estate themes, Open House also features Google Maps integration, with street view enabled, making it easier for your customers to pin point the location.

21. Pixelpress

Pixelpress HTML5 Theme

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With its large sidebar layout and appealing central slide show, it makes an ideal WordPress theme for retailers of web designs. With its HTML5 framework it can open in almost any browser and across any operating system. Also the featured Portfolio management provides better control over the customization of the theme.

22. Qlassik

Qlassik HTML5 Theme

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When performance and style of the website matters, Qlassik is the ideal WordPress theme to be utilized. Integrating the high end HTML5 framework and featuring 5 unique design variations to choose to from, this WordPress theme combines the unique qualities of power and perfection.

23. Real Agent

Real Agent HTML5 Theme

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Real Agent is a clean grid real estate theme that is compatible with all versions of WordPress. It enables a quick setup, and easy to edit options with its dynamic real estate framework management and also lets you add your own labels in a number of languages as well.

24. Residence

Residence HTML5 Theme

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If you’re looking for quick yet effective way to retail properties online, then residence is the WordPress theme for you. With it highly interactive HTML5 build and powerful MLS-IDX search integration, setting up any real estate site can be a walk in the park with this theme.

25. Resort

Resort HTML5 Theme

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This simple yet powerful HTML5 WordPress theme enables you to setup a quick yet efficient travel agency site. With its neat color palettes, and ecommerce options it provides the best of both worlds; featuring style and performance.

26. SMPL


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It features a clutter free layout that allows for an easy setup of a retail site. With its secure and powerful framework, highly interactive layout with widget integrated interface, it is a natural choice for anyone looking to set up an online retail store.

27. Scrollider

Scrollider HTML5 Theme

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It features a highly customizable homepage that can be designed to a unique combination of attraction and visibility. With its featured photo slider and custom typography, it makes a prefect design for designer wear retail websites.

28. SiliconApp

SiliconApp HTML5 Theme

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Whether it’s a high end software product or standard desktop application, sell them effortlessly with this WordPress theme. Custom built exclusively with software retailers in mind, it is a highly effective WordPress theme that works perfectly across all desktop and mobile platforms.

29. Simple Cart

Simple Cart HTML5 Theme

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SimpleKart is a secure and efficient WordPress theme, ideally suited for retail store. With a neat grid and clutter free structure, it is easily navigable and highly attractive as well. It is completely compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and works flawlessly across a number of platforms.

30. Simplicity

Simplicity HTML5 Theme

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The name alone signifies the customizability of this WordPress theme. Simplicity was designed with beginners in mind, making it one of the highly customizable WordPress themes in the market. It also has some unique display features, making it quite attractive too.

31. Smooth Pro

Smooth Pro HTML5 Theme

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It takes a fully functional business website, to keep the traffic flow steady. And if you’re looking to setup one such website, then Smooth Pro is the theme for you. It integrates the latest in search engine technology with a highly stylish framework, making it ideal for customer websites.

32. SuperStore

SuperStore HTML5 Theme

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This highly versatile WordPress theme is a custom built retail store website that lets you display your products with finesse. With its flexibility to load on any mobile platform and infinite scrolling option, it is one the most customer friendly themes in the market.

33. The Bel-Air

The Bel-Air HTML5 Theme

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Real estate themes can’t get any better than The Bel-Air. With its HTML5 build and MLS-IDX search integration, it is a special real estate theme. It provides a simple, clutter free space for you create and edit your properties. It also enables single or multiple agent login for easier access to the website for editing.

34. The Practice

The Practice HTML5 Theme

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This clean and professional looking WordPress theme is the ideal fit for law agencies and attorney websites. It is tailor made, to highlight the strengths of the profession, and highly interactive to be viewed across a number of device platforms. It is also highly suitable for corporations as well.

35. The Vistas

The Vistas HTML5 Theme

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Vistas, is a unique real estate site that has the rare combination of style and functionality. It is powered with the MLS-IDX search integration, allowing your customers to browse through properties quickly and effectively. It also features a property slider that enables you to exhibit properties with style.

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