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Top Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are easy downloads and beta application to your WordPress tool. Using Plugins you can do virtually anything with your Word Press application which further enables it to be a more comprehensive publishing and Content management system for your home or office. Most Word Press plugins are free and easy to find and download online.

There are thousands of Word Press plugins on the net which allow you to update your software and access more usability applications and accessibilities. Thanks to the thousands of Word Press plugins online, Word Press is virtually completely modifiable and has a wide array of utilities according to your user choice.

Google Analytics for WordPress


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Using this plugin you can track your WordPress site and track views per author and category. This plugin is simple to install, displays all the necessary metadata to improve your views and logs visitors to your WordPress site. This plugin relies on the asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code which is the most advance analytics code offered by Google.

MailChimp\’s Analytics360 plugin


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This plugin allows you to view traffic data and your site analytics directly on your WordPress dashboard. You can also chart the growth of your mailing list using this tool and keep track of how visitors to your site link to your page. All these great features by this plugin give you the inside edge without leaving your WordPress application.

Google Analytics Dashboard


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Using this Dashboard tool you can read Google analytics for your site directly on your WordPress application. You can also share this data with other users and embed analytics on to your site for visitors to view.

WordPress.com Stats


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This is a comprehensive plugin for WordPress that allows you to view author and article related visitors and keep track of traffic on your site. This plugin creates a link on your dashboard that allows you to view metadata directly on your WordPress page.

Keyword Statistics Plug-in


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Increase the visibility of your site online and in search engines with this tool. You can use this plugin to extract key words from your text and articles and use this information to add meta tags to your text so that you get recognized better by search engines.

 GoingUp! Web Analytics


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This is an efficient addition to your WordPress tool and a useful plugin for WordPress professional. Using this plugin you can get information on the performance of your website by getting updates on traffic, popular pages, point of entry and exit for your site as well as search engine visibility.

Analytics 360


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This plugin aggregates and displays Mailchimp and Google analytics metadata directly on your dashboard so that you stay tuned with your site performance. Data includes site traffic and search engine referral lists.

Piwik Analytics


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Stay updated with the performance and data of your website using this simple to interact and comprehensive plugin. This plugins displays your WordPress site traffic and visitor behavior using Piwik analytics technology.

Easy Google Analytics for WordPress


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You can embed an analytics code into your website using this downloadable plugin. This plugin displays Google analytics code and all the Google analytics features directly on your WordPress Dashboard so that you do not have to leave your page and have all the information on your finger tips.

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