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BackupBuddy Plugin

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The more time you spend with WordPress, the more valuable your association becomes. You get so many useful themes and plug-ins into your WordPress armory that backing it all up becomes a real concern.

Just as you keep your laptops and PCs regularly backed up, you must invest some thought into doing the same with your WordPress collection.

You can never leave all the backing up responsibilities with your web host. This is where the BackupBuddy plug-in makes its presence felt. You can schedule back-ups.

What\’s more, you can send them over to Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud! If you are not using these services, you can send your backed up stuff to your email storage as well.

Restoring your WordPress website is a breeze with BackupBuddy. All you\’ve got to do is upload the importbuddy PHP script and the back-up file. Your widgets, plug-ins and themes are restored instantly, without even the requirement of a WordPress installation.

This is precisely what sets this plug-in apart from the other backing up tools, i.e., its ability to restore.

If you are in the business of building custom WordPress sites for clients, you can extract immense benefits out of this plug-in. This is because of the migrate feature of BackupBuddy which allows you to transfer the entire gamut of content, styles and widgets over to a live domain.

Among the other amazing features of this plug-in are included background manual backups, quick backing up after the creation of new pages, a fee malware scanner that lends an additional security shield to your website.

The performance and compatibility of the plug-in with WordPress is spot on. Apart from all these, there are more than 50 other features that make working with WordPress all the more rewarding.

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