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Winterland – A WordPress Theme for a Magazine-Style Travel, Travel Website


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Winterland is a clean looking magazinestyled WordPress theme best suited for people wanting to run a magazine website related to travel, getaway destinations, cities and lifestyle in general. It has a great winter look that can be outfitted with different themes and colors. A good general layout and some impressive widgets and features make this a go to theme for people wanting to get their magazine website started.

Clean and with a lot of space you can fill the website with content and images and not over encumber the viewer. The layout works well and makes the website easily navigated and allows the reader to pick and choose the content they want very effectively. If blue is not your favorite color you can pick different color schemes that better showcase the type of website you want to create. The layout works well for any website that is content heavy and the search function is a great way to navigate the amount of articles.

Built around the idea of a travel website, Winterland has a full featured multi search module which allows readers to pick a large combination of different categories and filters that helps them navigate the website efficiently. Inside the admin panel you can easily create different labels and categories so you can always create the best searching experience for your viewers and customize the fields to the style of your website.

The Winterland theme is a great, fresh take on a standard theme layout. The ability to change the look and feel of your website and the availability of different theme packages allows anyone, big or small to be able to get their content seen and heard online. Quick and efficient to use, this is a great theme that a lot of people will use.

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