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StyleShop: A WordPress Theme for Fashion, Music Website


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When you are launching an ecommerce store online, you need a theme that can provide a total solution in terms of the looks of the store, easy navigation for the user, transaction management and so on.

The StyleShop theme is certainly one that fits the above requirements. To start with, the ePanel options of the theme enable you to manipulate what you wish to be displayed on the site without having to touch any code.

Then you can through the ePanel control features, make layout adjustments, provide interesting and engaging advertisements and make use the color combinations you want. The search engine optimization of the site is also pretty easy due to the seamless integration of the ePanel with the WP Dashboard.

The StyleShop design is highly responsive and also comes with a mobile layout option. The theme is regularly updated by the developers so that it is compatible with latest versions of WordPress. You get all these updates free of cost.

When you use StyleShop you know that the security of your site is robust. The theme is W3C compliant thanks to the best coding practices used. The theme is also compatible with all common browsers.

This theme is localized so that the translation is hassle free. You get the .mo and .po file sets along with the theme to carry out the translation without having to dabble in any PHP file editing.

What is most impressive about the theme is the availability of custom images and great color combination choices you can use. Ecommerce stores have to look attractive to visitors and with StyleShop you can keep experimenting with many options from time to time to give your site a new look each time. Provision of short codes and page templates surely make the StyleShop theme a must have.

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