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Pretty: A WordPress Theme for Fashion,Beauty Website


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Women love reading everything related to fashion. Fashion is an integral part in everyone’s life. There are many people owning numerous blogs and websites on Fashion and Beauty and everything related to these concepts. “Pretty” is a great WordPress theme for such people.

Pretty is a WordPress theme specially designed for people having websites related to Fashion as well as Travel, Lifestyle, Gossip, food and other related ideas.

Pretty is cleverly designed to provide great speed, flexibility and minimalism to the users. The theme is compatible with all the popular and latest browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Pretty is very easy and simple to use. The theme has a control panel and easy installation guides that will help you to install your theme in minimal time frame. Pretty is cleverly optimized with Search Engine. People who love to use the search engines for almost every other thing will find this option a boon. The Pretty theme framework does not have a complex installation procedure. You just have to select your options and theme auto installs itself. Thus, Pretty works out as a beautiful and at the same time an easy theme to design the layout of your website.

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