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Delayed: A WordPress Theme for a Music, Minimal Responsive Website


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Delayed is one of the most popular themes to have emerged on the WordPress platform, and has found many users all over the world. The theme is unique in many aspects, and here are a few facts about Delayed, which set it apart from other themes under the WordPress banner.

The most distinctive aspect about this theme is that this theme is based on the platform of FrameShift. So, it is ideal that a few words must be said here about FrameShift before moving on to anything else. FrameShift-based themes always have a few things in common. The first and foremost aspect is that, the themes built on this platform have amazingly responsive and flexible layouts. In other words, this means that no matter what the medium is, say a mobile device, or any kind of other resolution, you will always get a prefect display. So, this aspect holds true for Delayed, automatically.

As far as videos go, Delayed is the theme for you, because you can add as many videos as you want, and this is done by simply adding the video URL. Basically, Delayed lays most emphasis on content, and how it is displayed, and it helps you to figure out and display your website content in the most attractive way possible. You can customize everything, as to the content of the page; what you want to keep, how you want website visitors to see the content, how you want to organize your content, etc.

Apart from these, Delayed has another very important feature, which really makes the theme quite handy. It comes enabled with a huge list of shortcodes which can prove real handy at times of need, when you are designing the layout. There are shortcodes for sliders, buttons, and other useful things such as galleries, etc.


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