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Children Magazine WordPress theme

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A clean and stylish theme that’s ideal for children’s websites, Children is a beautiful WordPress theme that’s been built from the ground up to appeal to young kids and parents searching for children’s content. Ideal for children’s cartoon blogs and web communities for parents, Children is a stylish and user-friendly WordPress theme.

With a design that brings back memories of our favorite childhood adventure films, Children makes use of bright colors and inspiring designs to paint rich images in the minds of its users. With a rich blue and yellow color scheme, the theme is one of the most colorful and attractive that we’ve seen in the entertainment theme world.

Children is built around visual content, with a large HTML5 content slider taking up most of the homepage’s upper half. The theme makes use of a bright yellow top bar for navigation, making the theme one of the easiest WordPress themes to navigate and a pleasure to search around.

Below the HTML5 slider is a text content section that pulls content from recent blog posts and inner pages. Children is designed for a combination of text and images – a feature that separates it from many image-heavy children’s themes. As such, it’s one of the best WordPress themes for young parent bloggers and ‘mommy bloggers.’

Children includes two basic page designs – a page with a right-aligned sidebar that’s ideal for inner pages and blog posts, and a full-width written page that’s perfect for showcasing in-depth content, tutorials, and recipes. Arguably the greatest at-home blog theme, Children is fully responsive and scales to fit on mobile device screens.

From its stylish and fully responsive design to its great balance of text and images, Children makes use of some fantastic design features to create one of the best kids WordPress themes on the market. For young children’s entertainment, blogs and guides for new parents, or general kid’s content, Children is a fantastic choice.

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