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Car Wash: A WordPress Theme for Car,Automobile Website

Car Wash

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Car wash services are very much in demand due to the obvious cosmetic advantages they offer vehicle owners. The vehicle is well maintained and because the wash gets rid of debris as well as other pollutants, the car retains its sheen. Typically pollen, sunlight, splattered bugs and precipitation often spoil the surface of the car.

So offering car wash services and advertising it through a well-designed website is a good idea. One of the ideal themes for this is the Car Wash theme.

This theme is compatible with the latest WordPress engine version. It makes use of PSD and PHP sources, making it easy for you to customize your site.

The two column 1100px layout is just right for service-oriented sites and because it is a widgetized theme, you are able to organize the site much better under the columns and keep the main page free of clutter.

Hosting requirements for this theme are PHP 5.2.4 and higher with MySQL 5.0 or higher. The software it is compatible with is the Adobe Photoshop CS+. The theme has been functionally designed to suit blogs and the HTML Plus JS enables perfect animation.

Now that you have the outline of your site and the theme, all that you need is the good software to showcase your services. When visitors come to your site, they should be able to make reservations, make payments online for them and so on.

You should be able to take care of the work scheduling of your workers and also store information about regular customers so that you are able to engage them and build a relationship with them for repeat business.

The Car Wash theme once downloaded comes with an instruction and installation set that is easy to follow.

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