How to Embed Google Map in WordPress

Google Map is an indispensible tool in the use of today’s technology. Embed it in your WordPress blog and you get a cutting edge combination of offering information with business locations, driving directions and contacts. You can embed Google map by following this easy step by step guide.

  • First go to Google Maps
  • Key in any legitimate location or address; then click ‘Search’
  •  After the map has been loaded, click on ‘Link” – it is on top left of the window’s browser.

embed Google map

You will find a ‘pop up’ that will appear; as shown below:

How to embed Google map in WordPress

  • Now you will have to position the cursor/mouse in the text box which says ‘Paste HTML to embed in website’ – it is the one below the URL.
  •  Next, copy the following line from the text box beginning with <iframe. This is the code.
  • Go to the dashboard on WordPress.com; Click on ‘Posts → Add New or Pages → Add New’; you may also go to an existing page or post in the editing mode.
  • Directly paste the mentioned code into the Text editor. The Text and Visual editors can be switched by using the tab which is on the top right of the box.
  • Depending on the page or post’s status, click ‘Update’, ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’. The code will change.  WordPress converts the code in HTML, to the shortcode as shown below:

embed Google map in WordPress

It is advisable “NOT” to open manually, the shortcode, when you add and embed Google Maps into the WordPress.com blog. This means that as with other services, you should not begin with typing first the shortcode followed by pasting the code for Maps – it will not give you the desired results. Multiple maps can be inserted on the same page or post. If you wish to change the map’s dimensions, simply click ‘Customize and Preview embedded map”. Use the same ‘iframe’ code and continue.

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