How to Create an about me Page on WordPress

Your blog or WordPress website simply can’t do without an About Me page. Such a page is a perfect platform for you to establish some credibility in the blogging sphere; do not hesitate from listing all your achievements and credentials here. You’d also want to include all your social media buttons here. Anyways, these issues arise after you know How to Create an about me Page on WordPress. Well, there are more than one ways to go about doing your About Me page, and this article attempts to elucidate two of them.

The first method is as simple as it gets, and all you need to do is to proceed as you would in creating any ordinary page. Once you log in to your website, go to Administration. Now, click on the Pages option, and then select the Add New option. Here, you are ready to create a new page. Include everything you want in the page body, and you are done! Don’t remember to name the page as About Me.

However, you certainly don’t want you about me page to look anything like /index.php?p=420 in the address bar. To make the URL something like www.example.com/about_me.html, you’ll need to tweak the permalinks settings a little. In the Permalinks settings, go for the custom structure and fill in %postname% in the field. It’s done!

about me page creation

Another method to create special About Me pages is to download a WordPress theme package. Many free and premium WordPress theme packages come with custom pages, and About Me, or About Us is a very routine inclusion in these packages. Not only will these themes lend you a professionally designed showcase for your content, you’ll also breathe easier in terms of creating important pages like the indispensible About Me page.

about me page creatiion preocess

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