How to Add New WordPress Categories

WordPress lets you add categories as your blog grows. Over and above, it lets you archive your old posts. The procedure to add new categories is as simple as typing out the name of the category! With a well-categorized website where the content is arranged in a hierarchy, visitors foster favorable impressions of the website. This tutorial introduces you to the different WordPress features pertaining to categorization of posts and also takes you through the process of adding new categories.

First off, log into your administration area and go to Categories which is under the tab Posts. To add a category, simply type in the name of the category in the relevant field. WordPress gives you the option of including a slug, a description and choosing a parent item. An understanding of these terms is important at this stage.

A slug creates a link to the category page that contains all the posts under the head. Even if you leave the slug blank, WordPress creates a slug based on the name of the category. The new category would also require to be appropriately placed in your website, that’s where the parent item comes in.

Choose the appropriate head under which you would like your new category to be a sub-head under. In the event that you want to create a parent category, then do not choose any of the heads from the drop down menu.

The last step to adding your category, is clicking on Add Category.

Add New WordPress Categories

Deleting a category is as simple, hover over the head you wish to delete and push the button. Deleting a category does not delete the posts under the head but instead shifts them to the default category that you have chosen.

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