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By receiving visitor posts on your blog, you can provide a constant flow of matter for the readers. You need not bother to generate value to make your blog valuable this way.

You can very conveniently include and approve guest posts to your WordPress blog with this plugin. With this plugin you can edit, accept and publish guest posts. The writers need not login to our WordPress Admin space. Without user registration also you can easily receive guest posts.

The users of this plugin can include their posts on your blog from a form set on the page. They need not login to your WordPress admin. You can conveniently edit and manage post submissions. On site and through email, customized post submission notifications are present. For installing, you may use the FTP client or directly enter the unzipped WordPress Guest post files to the directory. You should ensure that you had set the plugin folder’s permissions to writable.

Through the “plugins” in the WordPress menu, you can activate the plugin. To customize the settings you should visit the settings page. When you host submission form, use the dropdown box. You have the option to change the additional settings that include customization of submission of your post and approval messages in the post. You need to simply press on “Wordpress Guest Post” in the plugin’s admin area for reviewing, editing, and publishing your submissions of the post.

For viewing submissions of guest posts that are unapproved, you should press the WordPress Guest Book link in the sidebar of your WordPress Admin. You will see a list of unapproved posts. After your approval, you can correct the post. Complete the editing of the post, you may now approve and publish it in the blog.

It is a download version of 2.5 and has been given a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. It has around 10,000 downloads till date.

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