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Music is more than a passion, something even more addictive than the sweetest of drugs. It is one of those few things that separate us from animals and we are unified in our love and enjoyment of music.

However, there is always a secret desire to add our own music to a website and then showcase our choice to the world.

All this and much more can be done using the new WordPress theme for radio and music, Tribal. The name might connote something of the times of the yore, but a brief look at the features on offer is enough to make you amend your first impressions.

Compatible with WordPress and dynamic menus, Tribal comes with full Search Engine Optimization that allows potential users surfing the web to find your website out.

It allows your webpage to fully integrate with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, thus allowing you to interact with and spread your music to a much bigger audience.

This amazing WP template makes creating a music-based website a cakewalk. You are empowered with a whole host of sidebar widgets that can be used for various purposes. Administration is easy and enjoyable with the Tribal template.

The WordPress template incorporates automatic font replacement and multiple drop down menu navigation and a variety of page templates that add both to the ease of navigation and smoothness and appearance of your webpage. Tribal has feedburner integration and translation facilities for multiple languages.

It even allows you to add your own logo and styles and provides you with easy pass codes for seamless and hassle free audio or video upload. Cross-browser compatibility is not a concern either. Try it out now and see the magic for yourself.

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