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The Music Is a Very Intelligent WordPress Theme


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The Music is a unique wordpress theme with intelligent features. This wordpress template is very highly customizable and has much important functionality as well.


The Music is a perfect wordpress template meant for the development of websites for the musicians and other people related to the music industry. This wordpress theme has a secure environment, which keeps your music safe and prevents them from downloading illegally.


The Music theme is compatible with all the modern browsers of the present day like the Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Safari. It is very well documented with tutorials and guides for the better handling of your website. It includes a dual slider feature by which you can choose to slide either the contents or the images on your website.

It also includes a fan page for your website on the popular social network site of Facebook that keeps updating automatically once it is set up. It integrates Google maps on your website for your visitors to know the directions. A customizable calendar is also included to keep track of your day-to-day events and your special programs.

This theme incorporates some unique widgets that help in the better handling of your website like the image links, menu carousal, customer feedback, newsletter signup and others. The theme feature also includes Google fonts that help in the styling of the headers and other contents of your website. A section is also reserved on your website for the management of banners and ads that help in bringing revenue and gaining popularity as well. The theme has unique layouts for the designing of the blogs and other pages on your website also.

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