Top Best 20 Agriculture WordPress Templates

Farming and agricultural businesses are the backbone of a nation’s economy, and if you’re into one, don’t you want to get ahead of your competitors and develop your business? These agricultural wordpress templates allow users to develop websites for their agricultural businesses and help retail products online.

The cleverly designed themes based on greeneries and useful functionalities help users to instantly start off without having to delve too much into the design aspects of building the website. The templates come ready with functionalities and short codes written into them, so they can be either used directly or with customization.

Here we have compiled the top 20 agriculture wordpress templates for you to choose from to build your very own business websites.


Agriculture WordPress template

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The design is a perfect combination of style and coloring with every element added to the theme to enhance the visual appearance. The clever use of the 2D animal images in the content and the chocolate colored background with the unique typography surely works well with the aesthetic design.

The continuous photo slider in the header with the preview thumbnails can be effectively used to setup a product catalogue.


Agrox WordPress template

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The minimalistic design of the theme can work wonders for agricultural companies looking for a professional corporate website. The white background with the subtle typography allows for an elaborate content inclusion into the template.

The template also features a full width photo slider in the header for a slideshow of images.


Harvest WordPress template

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The apt coloring the lush green imagery of the template alone is enough to get you a step ahead of the competition. The attention to detail with the content arrangement and the typography is excellent and the matching color schemes truly set the standards for a professionally designed website.


Agro WordPress template

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The template features a perfect color combination of green and white, with a perfect set background for displaying your agro products. The template comes loaded with plenty of stock vegetation images, so you don’t have to waste time setting up the visualizations for your website. Also the template is based on the HTML JS framework and works well on screen resolutions.


Winery WordPress template

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This cheerful little template sure takes the center stage with its amazing looks and distinctive typography. The site features everything you need for setting up an online winery website. Right from consumer information to fully functional shopping cart pages, the template has everything to get you started right away.

Agro product

Agro product WordPress template

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The template is the ideal option for agro producers who look forward to interacting with the consumer more directly. The template has plenty of visualization features for displaying your products effectively. The full width home page slider can be effectively utilized to present images of your produce and also represent the growth of your company.

Cow Boy

Cow Boy WordPress template

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The template has very attractive styling elements to compliment the exuberant color scheme of the theme. The enlarged image slider with the left hand navigation bar really gives it a unique sense compared to other agricultural templates.

The template is completely widgetized and coded on the JavaScript platform making it easier perform modifications on the template. Also the template is fully responsive, enabling it to be viewed easily on mobile platforms.


horizon wordpress template

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The template was created from scratch to be utilized in winery related agro product websites. The template features a magnificent thumbnail slider on the top a photo image that really merges in with the color scheme of the template.

The background of the template has been styled to resemble an old cellar wooden background adding to the theme of the template.


Florentem WordPress template

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The theme is best suited for people who are more focused on form rather than design. The minimalistic design of the template enables the user to work around the design to add plenty of content in the design.

The template is more suited for companies looking for professional corporate website or research institutes involved in agro research. The template is fully responsive and can work on multiple platforms.

Agro United

Agro United WordPress template

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The wonderful imagery included with the template alone sets it in a league of its own. The template features a full width image slider that is shadowed by the navigation bar on the top of the image slider.

The template is more suitable for large agricultural companies looking to display their range of farming plantations.


Agriculture WordPress template

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The brilliant styling of the template along with its exquisite imagery make it a natural choice for farming corporation who look to reach out to the customers.

The wonderful image slider that’s set on a carousel revolves around the background color scheme. The template also has plenty of room for adding content.


Elza WordPress template

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The template main content column is placed over a scenic imagery that reflects the color scheme of wheat fields. The template is created in more of a blog styled manner to incorporate more content.

The design is simplistic, but is well complimented by the professional outlook of the typography and background coloring.


Abrasco WordPress template

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The template is created using the Joomla coding platform and works well on all kinds of screen resolutions, right from tablets to desktops. The template features a large photo slider on the header and thumbnail based navigation through the content. The typography is set on white background for better clarity of content.

Agro tech

Agro tech WordPress template

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The design focuses more on the display of the product content which comes as boost to users looking to operate with consumers directly.

The template has a wonderful photo background with an image slider on the center with transparent borders to merge well with the background. Also the content of the template is placed on a similar floating element.


Montesorg WordPress template

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The clever usages of shapes with the design of the template gives a fresh new look compared to other templates. Also the idealized color schemes provide plenty of focus on the content.


AgroHills WordPress template

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Bounty land

Bounty land WordPress template

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Great vegets

Great vegets WordPress template

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Button WordPress template

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Arco WordPress template

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