15+ Elegant WordPress Themes for Community Websites


Thrive - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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Thrive is the powerful and flexible wordpress theme for community websites. it is compatible with BuddyPress to provide the best social networking and group chats. It has the best built-in layouts which help in creating the best website.


  • Live WP customizer
  • Easy Installation of live Messaging
  • Projects and events management
  • Drag and Drop Page builder

Price: $67.00


BuddyApp - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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BuddyApp is the flexible and powerful wordpress theme for creating any type of public or private community websites. It has all the best features which help in creating the fully responsive websites. The theme is fully adaptive and helps in creating the outstanding website.


  • Mobile Optimized Theme
  • Buddy App Features
  • Live WP Customizer
  • Friendly Ajax Search options

Price: $64.00


OneVideo - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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The OneVideo wordpress theme is fully featured and excellent wordpress theme that is made by using the Touchsize. It is the premium wordpress theme with lots of high quality features that allow in creating the perfect community website.


  • Built-in Trending monitor
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Easy to import demo data
  • WooCommerce and Translation Ready

Price: $59.00


Monarch - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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Monarch is a neat and clean wordpress theme that is compatible with BuddyPress to build the best social and community website. It can be used for team blogs, social networks, community chatting centres, messaging and many more.


  • Powerful User Interface
  • Masonry home pages
  • BuddyPress Activity Streams
  • bbPress Forum plugin integration

Price: $49.00


Slimvideo - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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Slimvideo is the fully responsive video community wordpress theme for creating the video enable social community social networks and blogs. This premium wordpress theme is fully optimized and acts as the best platform for all the social groups to connect.


  • Built-in Super cool Layouts
  • Unlimited headers and footers
  • 4 Awesome Built-in Sliders
  • Easy import of Demo Data

Price: $64.00


 Gustos - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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Gustos is the responsive and effective wordpress theme for creating the best website with effective user experience. All the messages in the community are delivered using the Ajax. It helps in creating the website from which the users can easily submit any information from the front end itself.


  • Fully Responsive and Retina Ready Theme
  • SEO friendly content and tags
  • Special Widgets Support
  • BuddyPress and bbPress Support

Price: $49.00

Business Centre

Business Centre - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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The Business center wordpress theme is fully customizable and specially designed wordpress theme with tons of features that allow the users to easily create the powerful and user friendly websites. it is WPML compatible and Multilingual ready theme


  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • SEO optimized Theme
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Customized Revolution Slider

Price: $60.00

Power of Hope

Power of Hope - WordPress Themes for Community Websites

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Power of hope is the flexible wordpress theme that is fully featured to provide the community website. It has all the powerful features which helps in creating the social network websites for group chatting and team portfolios


  • WPML certified and Multilingual
  • Fully Responsive and retina ready
  • Built-in theme Customizer
  • SEO Optimistic and Friendly

  Price: $60.00

Custom Community:

Custom Community

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This lends a unique appeal to the user’s WordPress site which makes it stand out from the rest of its contemporaries. Highly responsive, it effects the necessary changes only through a click of the mouse. It consists of more than 90 theme options and prevents the user from being bothered by troubleshooting queries. As many as 5 customized widgets are provided for along with a default three-layered color option. It is available in more than 10 languages as well.



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Yet another innovation in WordPress, eQuator comes with a vast multitude of options which ensures that the user’s WordPress site remains up-to-date with the recent innovations in technology. It is typically used to make blogs and magazine sites more appealing to the internet community. It consists of sliders which are of the JQuery type and has an easy option of switching color options. All the files are extensively documented and it also provides for an image gallery page to store and upload necessary images.

My WordPress:

My WordPress

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This is an official theme from WordPress which intends to create a focused community website. It consists of customized widgets and files in the PHP form. It is compatible with the WordPress 3.5 version and is integrated with breadcrumbs. Tapping and sliding is done with the help of the JQuery slider and contains links to be connected to Social Networking sites. It also supports page navigations, optimization of advertisements and SEO systems.

eNews WordPress Themes:

eNews WordPress Themes

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Elegant, crisp and smooth, eNews as an official theme for news related websites organizes information in a user-friendly, accessible and clean manner. It displays the contents of the site according to a fixed pattern. Regular updates ensure that the theme keeps providing the user with a multiplicity of options. The codes used in this theme are furthermore well-secured and staunchly guarded. It is compatible with almost all the major browsers and is also highly localized in nature. It provides the user with a five-pronged color variation option and also lends uninterrupted support at all times.



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 This theme is aptly suited for websites designed for magazines. It has a wide range of innovative features which adds depth and panache to the user’s website and also has wide accessibility making it perfect to develop magazines and blogs. JQuery sliders above posts can be adjusted to make their movements manual or automatic. It keeps flashing the most recent tweets at all times and has professional font options. Provides for ample spaces to publish advertisements and has a very smooth layout. In addition, it offers upto 15 color options to choose from.

Bold WordPress Theme:

Bold WordPress theme

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The Bold WordPress theme can be used for both casual and formal affairs. It contains varieties in heavy, bold and sketchy font styles. Intrepid characteristics, vast color options and unique theme options are symbolic of this theme. It is compatible with all major browsers and is regularly updated. Links are provided for direct access to Social Networking sites. Customer care services are provided round the clock and it is uniformly localized.



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Loaded with attractive features, it comes with a very simple user interface. Consists of the option to show and hide pages to the common public and also consists of several widgets. It is supplied with the JQuery sliders and has an extensive dropdown menu. Online support is provided at all times and it is highly localized. The layout of the template is organized and supple and the user can customize settings in the custom settings page.

Daily Edition:

Daily Edition

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This WordPress theme is a well thought-out, expandable and simple template suitable for newspapers and magazines. Designed by Liam McKay, it consists of many modules on the homepage and the option of a video player theme is one of a kind. The slider is JavaScript enabled consisting of thumbnail views. It also displays the post which receives the most comments and the layout of the homepage is easily customizable. As many as 16 color schemes are a part of this template in WordPress.

Glow WordPress theme:

Glow WordPress theme

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Bold colors, bright designs and pleasant color options are characteristic of the Glow WordPress theme. It allows the user to make a point and drive home the advantage. It is loaded with as many as 4 color variations and gives the user complete control of his/her website. It is completely localized and is periodically updated. Customer care services are provided at all times and it is equipped with the latest e-panel theme options. It is compatible with all kinds of browsers and the wide variety in shortcodes provides for elegant and sophisticated layout options.



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 Users desiring to develop a website for their magazine often take recourse to this intricate and beautifully designed theme in WordPress. It gives primacy to the content of the site and keeps the unnecessary floss to a minimum. It contains customized links to social networking sites and contains thumbnail generated images. This theme is coded in both the HTML and CSS formats providing the users with more options. The layout is two-tiered and is prepared for SEO generation.



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The Evolutionary theme in WordPress, much like its name, is a revelation in the world of technology. It is a well structured, active and JQuery enabled template in WordPress. It consists of as many as 4 color options and does not require the use of plugins in the featured posts column. It is extensively documented, affordably priced and contains customized widgets as well.


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