Best Premium WordPress Membership Site Templates

Top 30 WordPress Membership Site Templates

Having membership feature built in your website has many benefits. It helps you develop a community around you and makes it easy to connect with your prospects. Also it helps you collect demographic and other details of your members; so you can have more effective marketing strategy in place. Here are some of the best wordpress templates for membership sites:


Convergence WordPress Theme

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This theme from theme forest can help you build a strong community around you. It comes with as many as three locations for custom menu and five useful widgets. Twitter and flickr are already integrated in the theme. You can also choose to display the popular posts and related posts in this theme without any additional plugins. The theme is compatible with most of the modern web browsers including internet explorer 7, 8 and 9, Mozilla fire fox version 2, 3 and 4, google chrome, opera and safari versions 4 and 5.

Community Innovation

Community Innovation WordPress Theme

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This is clean and high utility theme from theme forest. It will not require any additional plugin. Sidebar and footer are both widgetized. It comes with two custom widgets.

Our Community

Our Community WordPress Theme

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This is another great theme from theme forest for membership sites. It is available in two different styles. You get as many as four useful widgets in addition to the default widgets that come with every installation of wordpress. The theme has five widget ready areas.



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 If you are planning to start a community magazine, then Feature is the right template to go for. It is compatible with buddy press and BB press. It has in built review system. The theme has been optimized for search engines and is ready for localization. It comes with an options panel for easy configuration.


Magzimus WordPress Theme

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As the name suggests, you can use this theme for membership based magazines. The theme can be easily set up and configured from the theme options panel it comes with; hence you will not require any programming knowledge for customization. It has in built social media support.

Review It


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As you can make out from the name, this theme is best suited for review websites. It has in built capability to filter posts by rating as well as date and title. It supports buddy press and bb press.


Play WordPress Theme

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This is magazine theme from theme forest. It gives you tons for choices for styling your site. It supports sliding posts and comes with many useful widgets, among other goodies.


Advance WordPress Theme

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Advance comes in eight different types of color schemes. There are as many as ten useful widgets and five widget ready areas. The homepage has a fully modular design.


Salutation WordPress Theme

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You get almost innumerable choice of colors and layouts with this theme. There are many preset page templates to use for different types of pages. It has an in built pop up form. It comes with the psd design files for customization.


Collective WordPress Theme

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There are many useful widgets and preset page templates in this theme. It comes in ten alternative color schemes to choose from. There are many widget ready layouts in the theme. It also has loads of custom short codes.


Vectors WordPress Theme

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Vectors has many preset page templates, custom widgets and ready to use short codes. The theme comes in ten different color schemes. It has a separate options panel from where you can configure the theme. It is compatible with all major web browsers like internet explorer versions 7, 8 and 9, Mozilla fire fox versions 2, 3 and 4, opera, safari versions 4 and 5, and google chrome.


Open WordPress Theme

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Open comes with as many as seven preset page templates that are suitable for different types of content. It also has seven useful widgets and many custom short codes. It is available in ten different color schemes.

Face Press

Face Press WordPress Theme

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This is one awesome social media theme from theme forest. It supports the timeline view along with the list view and grid view. The theme also has inbuilt maps, galleries and portfolios.


Duplex WordPress Theme

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This is a versatile theme that can be used by magazine, blog and community type websites. Since it comes with an in built color picker, you get the option of choosing from unlimited number of colors. There are multiple widgetized areas and many custom widgets in the theme.


Communitie WordPress Theme

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This highly customizable theme from theme forest comes in two alternative color schemes to choose from. It supports social media integration and there are lots of widgets.


Cracks WordPress Theme

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Cracks has many useful plugins like twitter, flickr, etc. It supports wordpress custom menu and nested comments. It has a fully functional contact form – you just have to enter your email. Also included is a full width page template. The theme can be easily customized from the theme admin panel.


Huddle WordPress Theme

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This is buddy press compatible theme from theme forest that comes with many custom widgets and preset page templates; so you can make different pages look different from each other depending upon the page type. There are many widgetized areas in the theme. It is available in as many as ten different color schemes.


widezine WordPress Theme

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This theme comes with a custom admin backend and is ready for localization. It has a fully widgetized front page, and many in built custom widgets; so you can easily give your home page a unique look. The home page also has a featured slider. It supports the custom menu feature of wordpress. The theme is available in dark and light color schemes and with unlimited options of layout arrangements and rearrangements.


Mingle WordPress Theme

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This is yet another community theme from theme forest that is compatible with buddy press. It has more than four columns and supports all the popular web browsers.

Ask It

Ask It WordPress Theme

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This theme from elegant themes is most suitable for question answer sites. It has in built system for rating and comments voting. It is available in as many as 7 different color styles. The theme comes with huge collection of short codes.


eList WordPress Theme

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This is directory theme from elegant themes. You can use it for almost any type of listing based website. It is gravatar ready and support threaded comments. The sidebars are fully widgetized. Form builder and paid listing are other two of the great features of this theme. It is available in an unlimited number of color variations and is compatible with multiple web browsers like net scape, opera, safari, Mozilla fire fox and internet explorer 6, 7 and 8.


Event WordPress Theme

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This is an event based theme from elegant themes with a dedicated area of member login. It comes in 5 different color schemes. There is in built system for managing banner ads. The theme supports automatic resizing of images and comes with loads of useful short codes.


Nova WordPress Theme

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This is a mobile friendly theme from elegant themes. The slider on the home page can be configured to give it different effects. The content on the home page can be organized into two areas. This is a simple and sharp theme with a preset page template for member login.



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This awesome theme from elegant theme comes in 5 alternative color schemes. It comes with many preset page templates one among which is for a login page. There is a huge collection of useful short codes included in it. The theme is ready for localization. It supports most of the modern web browsers.

White Light

White Light WordPress Theme

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This is one great theme from woo themes that helps you to give your visitors an option to subscribe and get connected. It has a fully responsive design and comes integrated with the woo commerce plugin for ecommerce. The home page has a widgetized layout, so it is very easy to customize.


Teamster WordPress Theme

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Have a site with multiple authors? Here is Teamster from woo themes for you. The mobile friendly design allows your site to be visible from a screen of any size and resolution. It supports google fonts and has many custom widgets.

Job Board

Job Board WordPress Theme

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This is a great theme for job boards from templatic. Users can login, maintain their profile and post jobs. It comes integrated with paypal and you can also manage coupons.

Agency Press

Agency Press WordPress Theme

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Be it dating, agency or online community – you can use this theme from premium press for any membership site. Users can login and create multiple profiles with this theme.

Movie Press

Movie Press WordPress Theme

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If you want to upload and share videos, then this theme is for you. You can upload videos from youtube, meta café, and other video sites. The theme is optimized for search engines.

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