Top Best 25 Outstanding Adventure WordPress Templates

Adventure blogging is gaining prominence among the young users, thanks to all the advancements in social networking media sites. But sharing your adventures and your precious photography of those rare places  are going to need a lot more space than that available on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So why not create a blog or a website of your own and post your adventures there? These wordpress adventure templates allow you to create web journals and blogs of you adventures instantly. So check out the collection and find the one that suits you.


Profile wordpress template

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The designing of the template is pretty standard with common features such as image slider on the header, information boxes and navigation sidebars.

But what makes this template really stand out of the crowd is the brilliant usage of the color schemes and the spaces for content and imagery.



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The template provides the ideal base for creating a well-structured adventure blog. The single column layout of the template backed by a clear blue background already gives a sense of adventure to your readers.

And with the added elements such as the 2D images and the custom typography, your adventure blog couldn’t do any better than this.


stay wordpress template

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Adventure isn’t just about climbing tough terrains and hiking through unmanned forests; it can also be a simple holiday trip to a far-away county where even getting a cup of tea would be an adventure.

This template is ideal for such bloggers who love to share their adventures to the more civilized parts of the world.

Full Frame

Full Frame wordpress template

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Any adventure can be expressed in its full glory with a simple image, and if that’s exactly what you have in mind, then this is the ideal template for you.

The template features a single column layout with a full width image slider in the homepage with a transparent navigation bar – ideal for displaying your precious photos from your adventures.


adventure wordrpess theme

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The template is designed around a magazine styled theme with matching typography and color schemes. The template provides adequate space for both images and content for your adventure blog.

The navigation bar is placed on to the left with an image slider on the header to which descriptions can be added. The template has a powerful admin panel which can be utilized to drag and drop content.


Skeptical WordPress plugin

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The minimalistic design of the template might justify the name given to it, but nonetheless it’s an ideal theme for adventure blogging. The template features plenty of space for adding content, in favor of those who love to write a lot about their experiences.

The template has instantaneous social media networking synchronization that enables your readers to know what you’re up to even without visiting your blog.



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The template features a full width slider on the header and a thumbnail preview slider below it to enable the user to add plenty of images. The template is completely responsive and works perfectly across all screen resolutions.


Linen wordpress template

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The template is sure as smooth as the cloth’s name that it represents. With its rich typography and clever usage of white space, it’s the ideal template for adventure blogging. Also the template features a thumbnail based information box.


Avid WordPress themne

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This brilliantly designed template is the perfect theme for those who love to share their adventure experiences with vivid photographs. The grid structure placed amidst a perfect grey background is just too much to ask for in an adventure template.


Mystique WordPress theme

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The design of the template is rather minimalist and looks more like a science blog than an adventure blog. But if that’s what you’re expecting and want to discuss your adventures in a more professional way, then you might just darn well go for it.


Duet WordPress theme

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The theme is as soothing to the eyes as the name to the ears. The brilliant design with just the right amount of styling elements is something to take note of. The template doesn’t have all those distracting elements of other designs but tells the story as it should be.


photography wordpress theme

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If you’re one of those – show and tell – guys who depend more on the image than the content, then this is the ideal template for you. With the grid shaped image layout and the stark background, this template has got everything going right for it.


Quintus WordPress theme

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The simple design with the single column layout is the ideal template for those who love their adventures so much that they would rather write a poem about it than a blog.

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal WordPress theme

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The template features a single column layout with a wooden kind of background to it. Though the design may be minimal, the template still has a jQuery image slider on the header and styling information boxes.

Modularity lite

Modularity lite wordpress theme

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The theme offers a two column layout, with custom background and custom image slider options. The template is more suitable to those who love play around with their options a little more.


Splendio WordPress theme

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The futuristic design and the modular arrangement of the elements give a refreshing look to your adventure blog. Try this if you like a more unique way to present your adventure experiences.


React wordpress theme

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The clean and neat layout with the plain white background just encourages the viewers to read on. The template utilizes the space very brilliantly between image and content and also has a recent post slider on the bottom.


Structure WordPress theme

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The bold and solid design is sure to bring an aura of professionalism to your adventure blog. The solid typography and the usage of lines to demarcation add to the looks of the template.


Beach WordPress theme

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Well the title doesn’t exactly mean anything about the user, but if you do travel to beaches a lot and love to write your experiences about them, then this is the right template for you.


Andrea WordPress theme

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It’s a brilliant blue theme for adventure bloggers.


dream wordpress theme

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Paradise WordPress theme

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Travel Wrodpress theme

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Horizon WordPress template

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Simply Travel

Simply Travel WordPress theme

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