Top Best 20 Airline WordPress Templates

The transportation industry has sure reached new levels with the advent of online travel booking and goods tracking systems. Now one can easily book tickets to any part of the world without ever having to check out at an airport or calling up a travel agency.

So don’t you want your business to utilize this wonderful tech? That’s why we have compiled the 20 best airline wordpress templates here, templates that can enable you to create websites instantaneously without ever having to break you head with all the coding.

Airport Co

Airport Co WordPress template

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Whether it’s shipment of cargo or passenger travel by air, this web template should suit perfectly for your business. The design of the template is well thought out keeping the novice users in mind, who are more concerned about the functionality rather than design.

The white background with the ambient blue typography can get your customers one step closer to the skies.

Wings Air

Wings Air WordPress template

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The classic styling of the theme reminds the users of the good old times of aviation. With a scenic image slider that features the flights from around the world and set on a purple background, the template is the ideal choice for your airline website.

But that apart, the template also has plenty of functionalities built into it to make it web ready for a travel booking website.


Nemon WordPress template

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The template features a minimalistic design best suited for companies that look to use airlines for transporting cargo. The design of the template is more function oriented focusing on the content.

The template features a full width photo slider on the header and a left hand navigation tab built upon it. Otherwise the entire area is free for you to include content. The template is fully responsive and can work on any kind of resolution.

Fly high

Fly high WordPress template

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This brilliantly designed website is sure to get you one step closer to the customers. With a vibrant blue and white background and a scintillating image slider, this is the best looking website template online for airlines.

The functionality of the template is also top notch with a personalized search bar and thumbnail preview navigation bars. The typography is also the best in class with hundreds of customizable fonts also included.


Marine Transportation WordPress template

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The theme has a very unique content structuring that features a three column layout at the center and a top full width image slider that makes the template very professional.

The background of the template is set at a metallic black texture that really sets in with the color scheme of the rest of the template. The template can be effectively used as corporate website for large airline companies.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery WordPress template

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The theme has been created with a classic black and white retro styling that works well with the content of the template. The image slider on the header has a thumbnail preview which can be scrolled over for a clear view on the services provided quickly.

The large image preview of the content and special offers banner work perfectly well for introducing new features to your service. The template also has a complete navigation sidebar to the right.

Lucky Itenary

Lucky Itenary WordPress template

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This fully customizable template can be used effectively for presenting your airline services to your customers. The template’s flexibility allows it to be utilized for any kind of transportation services.

The template is completely widgetized and has plenty of useful element inclusion that can be used for travel and transportation websites. The template has a powerful admin panel which can be utilized for complete customization.

Travel Guide

Travel Guide WordPress Template

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The template has some smart design features that will instantly attract the attention of your customers. The smart navigation elements included in the design enables your customers to quickly browse through the content of the website in a glance.

The color scheme of the template with a retro styled black and white background and yellow element pages really add definition to the template.

Best travel

Best travel WordPress template

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The color scheme of the template is sure to put your customers in a travelling mood. The design on the template is based on a postage stamp collection book, with elements cleverly designed to suit the theme.

The design is completely flexible and can be utilized for all kinds of transportation and travel booking websites. The template is also flexible and is built with the bootstrap cherry framework enabling it work well on all resolutions.


Journey WordPress template

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The full width image slider along with the vibrant color scheme of the template makes it the ideal choice for airline companies looking to build a travel website.

The template features a powerful admin panel which enables content to be added instantly and makes editing of content much easier.


Traveller - WordPress theme

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The circular shaped designed elements with the brilliant blue color scheme of the template truly provide a dreamy setting to this theme.

The template is very flexible and can be effectively utilized for travel and transportation website design. The main image slider has transparent border coloring that merges well with the content of the theme.


Travel Wrodpress theme

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The subtle coloring of the template with the serene imagery can set your customers on a mood for a holiday.

The template’s element structuring has been made flexible to make it utilizable for both airline websites and travel agency websites.The theme is completely widgetized and works perfectly on all OS platforms.


Meridian WordPress template

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The main content of the template is placed over a photographic image that gives it a 3D effect to the template.

The template has clever thumbnail sliders that save a lot on space and has plenty of useful widgets for transport website utilization.


Horizon WordPress template

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The template is best suited for those who are more artistically inclined. The template homepage features a full width slider that can be effectively utilized to present travel destinations.

Travel World

Travel World WordPres template

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Bon Voyage

Bon voyage WordPress template

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Royal travel

Royal travel WordPress template

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Around the world

Around the world WordPress template

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Express WordPress template

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Old Place blog

Old Place blog WordPress template

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