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There is an enormous number of WordPress templates that can be found online. However, not all of them can serve all purposes. For example, only some of them have a proper media integration which is extremely important. It is essential to find the right WordPress media template in order to enhance one’s presence on the blogosphere through these templates.

Blogging has become an extremely popular way of coming into the picture. In order to make the right impression, one needs to have the right platform, which can only be created with the right blog design that will appeal to the targeted audience. There are a number of specially created media WordPress templates. Some of these are listed below:



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A brand new and stylish WordPress theme mainly suitable for media agencies, creative internet business and mostly preferred for digital artists. It can be used a business template or a promotional artwork design.



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The Personal Press WordPress template can be downloaded from an online source. These themes are perpetually updated in order to keep up and be compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress. The coding is all secure and valid and they undergo a number of security audits regularly. The codes are not just fast, but they are of superior quality.

These themes are compatible with all popular browsers. The theme comes in five different colors and has been localized for easy translation. There are amazing theme options and page templates on offer. The tech support system is extremely helpful and well-functioning. These themes are on offer with a full money back guarantee. Also, most importantly, it has twelve social media icons that are located in the side bar.



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The Cherry Truffle WordPress template can be downloaded as well. The themes are regularly updated and are always up to date with the newer versions of WordPress. There are stringent security measures taken in order to ensure that the coding process remains extremely safe and that the codes run fast without any glitches. The themes have excellent browser compatibility and hence can be used by all.

The page templates are of a great help since though they are pre-designed for convenience and to provide a structural unity, they can be customized in order to suit one’s specific needs. There is an ePanel themes option panel that ensures that one can be in control of one’s website without being involved in any complicated coding procedures. ePanel and the WordPress dashboard are integrated for the user’s convenience.



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The Arpora WordPress theme is extremely professional and user-friendly. Users have claimed that this template is the easiest template to work with among all the others. Also, according to user feedback, Arpora also offers the best post-sales support among all the other templates available. The template comes with a set of three support videos that help users in the process of installation, content adding and customization.

The template has a set of two sliders – a custom Arpora Portfolio slider and a Nivo Slider. It has customizable Twitter and video boxes on the homepage. The footer space is widgetized- there are three widgets including Flickr and latest Tweets. There are unlimited portfolios and colors available. The headings are Cufon fonts, while the body has a large selection of Google fonts. Special features include Magic Search and over twenty short codes.



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Smart Portfolio was a bestselling HTML template before it was converted to a WordPress theme. It has four step column layout that can be easily customized without the need of any plug-ins or custom fields. It works as a great option for both professional and personal needs. The design is simple yet both attractive and effective. It serves as a great media template as it has the option of showing, hiding, editing or adding social networking icons in the footer.

It also comes with three custom pages- the blog page, the portfolio page and the contact page. The custom administration panel allows the user to customize the entire homepage layout as well as to edit the logo URL, the tagline and the footer text. This template costs lesser than a number of other popular templates.



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Mobility is a WordPress theme that is iPad ready. There are two versions – the regular and the iPad version. There is available a custom drag and drop gallery administration as well as finger-sliding competency in order to navigate between various categories. The template comes with a selection of seven colors as well as a choice between a single and a three way slider supported by Java Script.

One of the unique features of this template is the availability of sticky posts. It has well-documented support with screenshots as well as a multi-navigation menu. There are three page templates available – blog, archive and gallery. The iPad version switches from portrait to landscape.



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Imbalance is a WordPress template which is a great choice for any blog or online magazine. The style is modern and minimalistic. The header is jQuery powered and the clean typography makes the web page easier to read and navigate through. It comes with logo optimization options and has a theme options panel that will help in the process of creating the blog.

The theme is search engine optimized for the ultimate advantage. It also has a special drop-down menu that gives the theme a unique feel. The layout of the template is extremely flexible and the theme has been designed to be user-friendly.



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Diana is a WordPress template which is extremely user flexible. The options page is designed to be simple to use. It is compatible with all the updated WordPress versions. It supports a number of widgets and features Image Ready. This template is also search engine optimized so that it can feature at the top in search engine rankings. It is compatible with most major browsers.

All these media WordPress templates are designed in such a way that it can help the blog creator to make the blog more visible and popular among the users. In order to achieve one’s goals in terms of visibility, one just has to choose the template best suited to one’s needs.

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