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Astrology websites and blogs are enjoying tremendous amount of popularity with the rise of zodiac culture in recent times. Everyone is curious to know about their future and so you can make a lasting impact on your visitors with the help of some amazing Astrology Templates.

These blogs range from the exotic to the mystical, from amateur to expert designs and from classic themes to cost effective templates.



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You are all born with a unique horoscope sign. There are twelve different horoscopes, each of which have various meanings and may indicate differences in personality. Your special horoscope is able to bring you the best of luck on some days. The “What is Your Horoscope” template is compatible with the newest version of WordPress and even backward compatible.

It comes with threaded comments as well as several other helpful settings which can be tested on important net browsers. The template will reflect your strong faith in horoscope and may even bring you blessings.

The “What is Your Horoscope” WordPress template boasts of two columns in dark blue, blue, white and red colors. Your updates will be handled by the RSS feed button while search queries can be resolved through search and pages box present in the header. The header of this astrology blog template contains zodiac images signs while social networking buttons and the welcome text are present in the left and right sidebar.




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The stunning “Psycards Website Template” created by Glenn uses the latest technology which is also backwards compatible with the previous version. The usage of introduces several new features into the blog, mostly semantic changes like header, footer, nav section etc.

New audio and video multimedia elements are also introduced in the web page which is an excellent feature of the “Psycards Website Template”. The theme offers different elements based on JavaScript that incorporate special effects and animation while still enabling the template to load quickly by making it lightweight. The template will cost you $62.




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The “Astrology WordPress Template” was pre-made by Di to act with the latest WordPress 2.0 blogging software. This astrology theme offers your blog with a sleek, professional appeal that is bound to impress every visitor to your site. This design is unique since it is easy to customize and allows your astrology web page to stand out from similar web pages.

The theme has a night time background and a mysterious backdrop. The header boasts of a cartoon telescope tower on one side of the white logo with font. The main area for content remains right in the center over the stars background and it even uses a white backdrop for all your posts as well as light green color to highlight the sidebar. Both the left and right columns use black text.




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The “Signs of the Zodiac” is a striking template powered by the WordPress platform which is ideal for all your blogs and web sites. Visitors to your blog are sure to be impressed by the quick info section as well as the magazine style design. You even get the benefit of 12 different themes in 1 package along with a slider for showcasing the featured content.



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The beautiful and grand “Creative Zodiac” WordPress theme is powered by JQuery. In fact, this might be the only WordPress blog and portfolio template available on the internet which is completely powered by JQuery. The “Creative Zodiac” should not be confused with a simple mini site theme unlike the other portfolio web pages. The theme comes fully loaded with all the necessary features. Both the features and design of this template are entirely unique.

This allows you to form a website or blog that is totally different from anything else you can find on the internet. The template offers a highly impressive panel for theme options along with an intro page equipped with three link boxes. Even the PSD files are included in the package along with built-in social media sharing features.




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The stylish “Zodiac” web page template has a unique feature where the template is completely flexible, contracting and expanding along with the change in the size of the browser window. This means that the design of the “Zodiac Website Template” is bound to fill the screen. The design style is made up of five and seven pages which include even the home page along with the content pages.

These options will help ensure you get a stunning blog about the mysteries of the zodiac and even explore a bit about the nature of the various signs. You should share you blog with your family members and friends or even at a professional level for media portals. Create your page that counts and witness your blog attract visitors at an amazing rate.

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