15+ Top WordPress Dropdown Menu Plugins

In order to enhance the overall navigation on a WordPress website, the site owners have started using either the jQuery powered dropdown menu plugins or simple dropdown menu plugins. The dropdown menu will display all the essential sub categories relevant to a specific category and these can be accessed by tabbing either on the sidebar or the header menu.

Apart from ensuring smooth navigation, the lightweight and several fancy animations will make your navigation menus look beautiful. Specifically, a dropdown menu that appears to be user friendly has become a common sight in all types of WordPress websites.

Navigate through this post to find out a beautiful dropdown menu WordPress plugin that ensure smooth navigation for all your visitors reaching your website.

Drop Down Menu Widget

Drop Down Menu Widget Plugin

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This powerful and elegant WordPress based plugin will add a nice and attractive dropdown menu to different listing pages and categories of your website. The dropdown menu can be either showed in a vertical layout or a horizontal layout. A specific theme can be set for the dropdown menu from the settings page or users can create one on their own.


jQuery Vertical Mega Menu

jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Plugin

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This WordPress plugin creates vertical mega menus for any standard custom menus available in the website and the insertion of menu is done through jQuery. This plugin can handle several mega menus on every page and the menus can be displayed effectively in three different animation effects that include show/hide, Fade in and slide out.


jQuery Mega Menu

jQuery Mega Menu Plugin

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This plugin creates a widget for your website that assists the users in inserting drop down mega menus to existing custom menus through the jQuery. Even effects like Fade In and Slidedown can be added to the drop down menu to make it look more effective. Even the speed at which the drop down menu must open or close can be simply set from the menu settings.


WP-Easy Menu

WP-Easy Menu Plugin

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This plugin will let users to explain their menu through various categories, pages and different custom links. The special feature of this plugin will automatically add the recently added category to the main menu. It provides users with one of the finest ways to display the dropdown menu in an effective way.


jQuery Easy Menu

jQuery Easy Menu Plugin

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With the jQuery Easy Menu plugin, users can easily craft and configure the vertical drop down menus for their WordPress powered website.  This plugin supports various customization features through which users can make a variety of designs for their menus with just few tabs. Further they can enhance the look of dropdown menu by altering background colours and changing the mouse over background colour.


Admin Menu Tree Page View

Admin Menu Tree Page View Plugin

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With this compelling WordPress plugin, users can have a tree view of all the website pages in admin menu. This plugin displays all your web pages at a single location and pages can be accessed by a single click. It allows the users to add multiple menus to the website. To ensure easy navigation, the plugin will depict the page hierarchy of all web pages.


OZh Drop Down Menu

OZh Drop Down Menu Plugin

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Once you install this plugin, you can effectively display the admin links on a dropdown menu that is power driven by the CSS. As an administrator, you need to manually select manage option to edit the names placed under the drop down menu. This plugin supports older and latest WordPress versions.

Admin bar reloaded

Admin bar reloaded Plugin

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 This Admin Bar Reloaded WordPress plugin will enhance the admin bar on your website that comes by default. On installing it, the admin bar will start supporting a wide variety of menus and the site admin can easily manage the dropdown links of the Menus Screen of their website. From the plugin settings, users can opt to display the Twitter and Facebook widget on the permalink pages with just few clicks.


Mega Main Menu


Mega Main Menu Plugin

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It’s an outstanding WordPress plugin that features wide range of custom fields like icons, mega drop downs and custom skin that can be customized further to match your site’s design. This plugin provides special options for the site user that allows them to place links, text and images on the dropdown links.




Sky Mega Menu

Sky Mega Menu Plugin

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To have a beautiful navigation for your WordPress website, install this Sky Mega Menu plugin. The dropdown menu comes in 3 different versions and they can be placed at different positions. The plugin even supports 9 colour schemes from which users can assign any colour scheme to their menu.






Navigation Menu Widget

Navigation Menu Widget Plugin

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This advanced WordPress plugin will include all such functionalities that provide total control on the menus present on your website. This plugin even supports shortcodes and wide range of widgets that are pre-installed on the website. On installing it, all the menu items are displayed as links on the website. Users can make slight adjustments in the plugin settings for depicting the page thumbnail.




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