25 Best WordPress Captcha Plugins

Though WordPress comes with several built-in security features to protect your website from the powerful spammers and trolls. But strolls can easily bypass the security measure and enter your blog or website to scale down the users experience. So to ensure maximum security for their website, the site administrators need to install some special captcha plugins that allow only humans to submit the comments or furnish their details and restricts the spam bots from entering into the website.

To keep your website free from spam and to add a high level of security, here are few best captcha plugins that work well with any WordPress website.


Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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The Captcha plugin will let users to enable a super security captcha into different types of forms that are available for a website like login form, registration form and comments form. It protects your entire website from the spambots by means of a math logic which can be easily rendered by the human beings. In order to access the website, visitors need to make a simple mathematical calculation.



KeyCaptcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This WordPress compatible keyCaptcha plugin will offer an effective anti-spam solution for website of different niches. This plugin comes in 4 different variants and creates an interactive task for the visitors who plan to furnish details to the websites from registration form and comments form. In case, if the task is not executed perfectly, users are restricted from filling the form.


Easy Captcha

Easy Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This Easy Captcha plugin supports three different types of captcha that include hidden captcha, simple image captcha and Google reCaptcha. The administrator of website can use anyone captcha to prevent or restrict the spambots from entering the website. Users are even provided with a special option to set different captcha for each web page.


AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter

AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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Facing troubles from spammers for your website, then install this AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter plugin that restrict spambots from entering your website through any means. This plugin enables some visually appealing captchas to ensure that all your WordPress pages are secured. This plugin comes incorporated with several captcha types of which few include Captcha Classica, Captcha Artistica, Captcha Literacha and Captcha Musica.


SI Captcha Anti-Spam

SI Captcha Anti-Spam -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This WordPress based SI Captcha Anti-Spam plugin will provide enough security for the website by restricting automated spambots from entering into the website. This plugin is compatible with several other plugins like WP, WPMU and BuddyPress. From the admin panel, users can configure the captcha style that gets displayed while furnishing data to any of the website forms.



FunCaptcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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To avoid spammers from abusing the website, install this FunCaptcha WordPress plugin. This plugin looks good on various mobile devices and personal computers. To access any kind of form that is available at different places on website, users need to quickly finish a fast mini-game that gets displayed underneath the form that is meant for submitting the details to the website.


Blue Captcha

Blue Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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You can protect either your blog or website from the unauthorized persons by enabling this easy to configure and striking Blue Captcha plugin. It can be easily installed onto your website and it even allows the users to set a custom captcha level by making minor adjustments in the captcha settings. The maximum character length to be displayed on the captcha is set to 20 characters by the developer.


A Very Simple Captcha

A Very Simple Captcha WordPress Captcha Plugin

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The name itself depicts that the plugin can be installed onto the website in a simple way. With the plugin’s support to wide array of captcha models, site administrators can enable a perfect and powerful captcha for their blog that runs on WordPress CMS platform. To ensure high level security, users are suggested to set logical captcha in a random manner.


Captcha Bank

Captcha Bank -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This Captcha Bank plugin provides you an innovative and easy anti-spam solution to control the spam on your website. Users can adjust the height and width of captcha as well as set the numbers of characters to be displayed on the captcha. This plugin offers a powerful captcha protection for various types of forms available at different places on the website.


Gab Captcha 2

Gab Captcha 2 -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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To fight against the spam in your WordPress comments, here is a special plugin by the name Gab Captcha 2 that adds a Turing text underneath every comments form to ensure that only human beings are entering the comments not any automated spambots. From the plugin settings, the captcha can be configured with ease.


Ironclad Captcha

Ironclad Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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Once this plugin is installed onto the website, it requests user to count the number of objects that are displayed in a box, where as spam bots can never count this jumping objects. So in a pretty simple way, the site owners can restrict the spammers from entering into the website. With its abnormal answer entering, this plugin will ensure 100% security for your website.


Math Captcha

Math Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This easy to use Math Captcha plugin can be simply integrated to different varieties of forms like login form, registration form, comments form and Contact Form 7. Users can even set the captcha to either get displayed in the words or numbers. Users are even provided with options to set the captcha for field title or any input time.

Captcha Code Authentication

Captcha Code Authentication -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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To ensure maximum security for your website, this plugin adds a captcha code in to all varieties of forms that are available on the website. Any visitor in order to register with the website or to post comments must type the code or text displayed on the image. By enabling the translation option, the text relevant to plugin can be converted into various languages.

WP Conditional Captcha

WP Conditional Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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On enabling this plugin for your website, a request is sent to the customers to finish a simple captcha in order to post the comments. If the Akismet consider them as a spam, the comment posted is not accepted by the website. The plugin comes in two different modes that include basic mode and Akismet enhanced mode.


Pixcapthca for Gravity Forms

Pixcathca for Gravity Forms -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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To protect their website from the internet abuse, users can install this Picathca WordPress plugin. The text captcha for gravity forms is not that easy to identify, so this WordPress plugin replaces the traditional text with easy to recognize images. It’s clear that image recognition is easy for humans but not for automated spambots.



Solvemedia -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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Try to monetize your WordPress powered website with this SolveMedia plugin. This Captcha Widget will work better for comments form, registration form and any type of contact form. This plugin works well on all browsers and even runs fine on a wide variety of devices like iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices that come incorporated with Android and Windows 7 operating systems.


Captcha Control – Unique Form Security Captcha

Captcha Control - Unique Form Security Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This Captcha Control WordPress plugin will provide users with more control on the captcha that is to be displayed below any kind of form. This plugin supports captcha in the form of text and images. With an easy shortcode, users can easily embed the plugin to the contact form. Even the names of your business products can be displayed as a captcha.


Flexible Captcha

Flexible Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This plugin will allow the site owners to provide a new image captcha for all forms. It can be positioned at any place on the website through shortcode and on installing it, the captcha will automatically get activated for the comments form and registration form. Even the captcha can be assigned with case sensitivity or not. The font files can be uploaded to alter the fonts used for captcha images.


Anti Captcha

Anti Captcha -WordPress Captcha Plugin

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This Anti Captcha offers an effective anti-spam solution for the site owners to prevent their website from the spam attacks. This plugin can be inserted dynamically or it can be activated onto the website. This plugin is mainly developed to restrict automated spambots attacks while posting comments and registering.


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