Top 10 Video Embed WordPress Plugins

Better online traffic and optimization can be guaranteed with video support and media based compatibility across the pages. SEO tricks and techniques need to be looked at for including the Best WordPress Plugins into the site.

Take your pick among the Top Video Embed WordPress Plugins for transforming the websites and making these highly suited to the myriad user requirements.

Viper’s Video Quicktags

Viper’s video Quicktags Plugin

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No more pasting the HTML from the video sites for enhancing traffic. This plugin allows one click support for all the media sites, with a better interoperability towards all the media formats and shortcode features.

Smart YouTube Pro

Smart YouTube Pro Plugin

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Here comes the popular wordpress plugin with a complete playback support across all video formats. Coupled with the video thumbnail support and the optional Fullscreen mode, this has a robust framework and an exceptional user interface.

Vixy YouTube

Vixy YouTube Plugin

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This plugin enables embedding Youtube videos into the page for enhancing the traffic flow.  One can regulate the size of the videos with a link for downloading the same. Adding comments and playlists adds to the usability quotient.

WordPress Video Plugin

Wordpress Video Plugin

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With a seamless user interface, this plugin allows seamless video embedding for all the supported video sites. This comes with a filter for all the associated formats involving shortcode support and media compatibility.

Video Embedder

Video Embedder Plugin

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This allows embedding videos with a highly responsive framework and a single button access to all the providers. Coupled with easy shortcode syntax, this plugin is compatible to all the provided video sites and modes. Video thumbnails and colorbox options are also available herein.

Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnail Generator Plugin

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One can easily generate thumbnails along with the HTML5 coding using this usable plugin. Previewing images along with flash playback schemes helps add a better look to the websites under consideration. Strobe media playback feature and the popup gallery add to the plugin expertise.

Sortable Video Embed Plugin

Sortable video embed Plugin

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An extremely responsive plugin which plays videos across multiple categories! This comes with a thumbnail support with an option for changing the settings seamlessly. The setup remains lucid along with a fast paced user support and a translation ready framework.  Embed videos over multiple websites and media supportive frameworks.

WooCommerce Video Links

WooCommerce video links Plugin

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A plugin with an inline video player allowing video previews and minor code editing! This allows SoundCloud support followed by image support and associated video links. Make room for the highly usable plugin providing added connectivity towards the major video sites and domains.

Embedder Pro

Embedder Pro Plugin

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Clean coding schematic with an added shortcode support popularizes this wordpress plugin. With a well documented framework and the widget support, this comes handy in setting up better video hosting over the pages. Most of the social networks are herein supported alongside seamless editing and TinyMCE plugin feature.

Social Gallery

Social gallery Plugin

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This includes social lightbox with a highly stylized viewing. Better media navigation followed by the Fullscreen compatibility adds to the list of features involved. Multiple browsers are supported alongside simple HTML coding and inclusion of multiple photo galleries.

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