Top 20 + Best Bookmark WordPress Plugins

Bookmark and Sharing WordPress plugins are among the best and cheapest marketing tools for any individual or businesses vying for online presence and visibility for their blogs or websites. The traffic generation capacity is unimaginable and ever growing.

Here are a few plugins that will help you choose from amongst the best suited options available online. Happy Reading!

User Bookmarks for WordPress

User Bookmarks for WordPress Plugin

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This plugin helps the user to bookmark and save favorite posts etc. for later viewing and access. The three widget divisions and the short codes make the plugin look very simple and useful.

Share Buttons by Lockerz / AddToAny

Share Buttons by Lockerz  AddToAny

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AddToAny is an effective and easy way of marking and sharing the pages and content one likes on the internet. The Smart Menu feature monitors user activity and adapts it as per user’s preferences.


ShareThis Plugin

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ShareThis plugin provides access to 120 social channels and helps the user to mark and share content with friends and customers and keep them engaged and interested.

Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis plugin

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Bookmarking, sharing and emailing the online content were not as easy as with AddThis Share Buttons. The traffic to your website/blog keeps on adding with instant access to 330 social networking services.

Shareaholic | share buttons & related content

Shareaholic share buttons & related content

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Shareaholic is an enticing piece of work that helps share content in an palatable and attractive way, thus initiating readers to share further with their networks and spread the word.


Socialize plugin

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Socialize, as the name goes, guides to make your content sharing effective by helping manage the actionable social sharing buttons and more.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg plugin

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Digg Digg helps embed all the service sharing buttons at one place on your post elegantly and making it just look like Mashable. Amazing simple!

OnlyWire for WordPress [OFFICIAL]

OnlyWire for WordPress official plugin

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OnlyWire has been among favorites of social media professionals for launching campaigns. The automatic sharing feature adds to the attraction and efficacy, once the social networks has been setup.

Bookmark Me

Bookmark Me plugin

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Bookmark Me cuts down the task of marking and sharing posts to just few simple steps. Share by Email and Print buttons are also helpful.

Social Bookmarking RELOADED

Social Bookmarking RELOADED plugin

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The plugin adds service icons and XHTML complaint graphic links to the posts and thus simplifies sharing.

I Love Social Bookmarking plugin

I Love Social Bookmarking plugin

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I Love Social Bookmarking plugin is an easily customizable, XHTML standards-compliant and SEO optimized sharing tool.

Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend plugin

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Tell A Friend plug-in helps share, bookmark, email posts with the support from freetellafriend.com which retrieves the friend list from your email contacts with permission.

WP Social Bookmarking Light

WP Social Bookmarking Light plugin

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WP Social Bookmarking Light is a basic bookmarking plugin that helps insert social network links to your post /blog.


Sharexy plugin

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Sharexy plugin provides access to social content distribution network of Sharexy.com making the user’s website/blog more visible online.

Slick Social Share Buttons

Slick Social Share Buttons

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Slick Social Share Buttons is a simple plugin that helps add a range of social sharing services to your blog/post. Also, the admin social statistics page is very informative.

Special Social Sharing icons

Special Social Sharing icons plugins

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A minimal bookmarking and sharing plugin that adds small/large icons for various sharing services to your post.

Drag-To-Share eXtended

Drag-To-Share eXtended

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Drag-To-Share eXtended imitates Mashable functionality and makes sharing easy. The click, hold and drag the image functionality for sharing is an added attraction. Have Fun!


Bookmarkify plugin

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Bookmarkify supports about 50 social sharing services and helps promote your blog/website.


SocioFluid plugin

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SocioFluid sharing plugin is designed for the ‘mac effect’ and uses Jquery. All major social service sites are supported.


ShareBar plugin

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ShareBar mimics the Mashable is designed as a minimalist and easily customizable sharing tool.

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