Top 11 Live Chat WordPress Plugins

Live chat interaction makes for a great customer support. One can thus incorporate the Best WordPress Plugins for implementing live chatting features for amalgamating utility with public interest.

A list of the Top Live Chat WordPress Plugins can be looked at for increasing the buzz and functionality associated with the live events and social interactions on your websites. Take your pick for the best plugins suiting your requirements.

Clickdesk Live Support

Clickdesk live support Plugin

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This allows fast chatting service for live interactions. Local dialing followed by the availability of offline and online chats makes for a well – built online agent panel.  An extensive social toolbar further enhances the usability.

Live Chat- Casengo

Live chat- Casengo Plugin

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This plugin incorporates support from the cloud media involving social interactions and live chat features. In here one can involve the direct chatting facilities with an option for answering the customer queries with utmost readiness. This involves a direct combination of real time chatting and email facilities.


MyLiveChat Plugin

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Connect with your customers like never before using this amazing and speedy plugin. You can cater to multiple chats from visitors, and hence provide world class customer support every time.

Live Support Chat

Live support chat Plugin

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A plugin which allows live support at a forever free plan along with the SSL encryptions! This allows unlimited domains along with options for keeping the chat history private. Easy installation and complete customization add to the potency of this plugin.

Tawea Facebook Chat

Tawea Facebook chat Plugin

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Get the Facebook chat interfaces integrated with the website using this necessary plugin! This is easy to install with a built-in social toolbar and all desktop browser compatibility. Readily apply the drag and drop options for enhancing the online credibility.

Formilla Live Chat

Formilla live chat Plugin

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Make live chat an absolute charm with this wordpress plugin, using the unconventional formula for gaining precedence. This comes with a chat button especially dedicated to the activation of the same along with the scope for accommodating multiple users.

Plugin for Sales

Plugin for sales Plugin

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An open source plugin with a onetime fee and a clean coding scheme! The cure skin associated can be fully customized along with the availability of chat logs.  Multiple answering along with the usage of the same chat window by varied operators is an added plus.


Chatty Plugin

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Here comes a standalone plugin which has a simple user interface along with the support for unlimited chats and auto detection of links. It includes a dedicated support system which can be regularly updated.

Kruk Chat

Kruk chat Plugin

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Live chat support system and the availability of push notification are some of the basic characteristics of this plugin. Mobile compatibility and administrator panels add to the credibility with a faster user interface.

WordPress Live Chat

Wordpress live chat Plugin

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A one stop solution for all the wordpress websites meant for multiple administrators. This supports a window based clientele and is meant for multi lingual support. Easy customization and multiple color schemes are the other features included.

Rhino Live Support

Rhino live support Plugin

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Make way for a live support software exclusively meant for chats and standard responses. This has a multilingual support with an option for stylizing the chat window. Coding support spans across HTML5 and CSS3.

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