35 Content Slider WordPress Plugins

Content slider plugins are developed to emphasize important content of your portfolio, blog or website. These plugins ensures to load your site quickly in spite of the multiple sliders created for various web pages. Install any of these WordPress plugins to showcase popular articles or vital content on the website. By adding content sliders, you can draw the visitor’s attention towards your site and boost your sales and conversion rate apart from increasing the subscribers list. Now, take a look at these 35 Best Content Slider WordPress Plugins.


RoyalSlider is a clean and simple touch content slider plugin designed for your WordPress website. Visitors will have a great navigating experience as they can touch, swipe or tap on android, Blackberry, iOS and other smartphones. This plugin is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. It is search engine optimized for improving the website ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. royalslider

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It’s an elegant posts content slider WordPress plugin that supports touch enabled mobile devices and tablets. Design your site by choosing from 5 skins and 4 predefined layouts to suit your needs. This plugin is SEO friendly for making your content visible on various search engines. TouchCarousel is fully localized for translating the content to multiple languages. touchcarousel

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All In One Banner

As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin comes with Content Slider, Banner Rotator, Carousel, Thumbnails Banner and Banner with Playlist plugins. It includes 3 predefined skins, 16 photo transition effects, height and width parameters, autoplay parameter, loop parameter and many more. If you face any issue then the video tutorial will come in handy to guide with you with proper installation and utilization of the plugin. all in one banner

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All Around

This beautiful plugin works as an all in one solution for displaying videos and images in an attractive way. All Around content slider plugin comes loaded with a wide range of features to improve the functionality of the website. It features responsive and mobile ready to make your site look elegant on all devices. This plugin is compatible with popular browsers and latest version of WordPress. all around

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News Box

News Box is a modern content slider and viewer WordPress plugin from Code Canyon. This plugin allows you to group different content and then sort them in date wise. By using custom skin builder, you can choose from 3 preset skins or build your own skin within a matter of few clicks. It supports various social media channels like Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, RSS feed, Tumblr etc. news box

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Slider PRO

Slider PRO is a clean yet attractive premium slider plugin that supports the modern version of WordPress. This powerful plugin is carefully designed and coded keeping in mind WordPress best practices. Install this plugin for $28 and you can avail multiple features to boost your website performance. It includes dynamic content slider for loading posts, custom post types and pages automatically. slider PRO

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Master Slider

It’s an eye-catchy responsive touch slider WordPress plugin designed to provide visitors wonderful viewing and navigating experience by supporting swipe and touch gestures. Customize different aspects of the plugin to match your needs. You can drag and drop the elements at any desired place on the website and have a live preview of the changes made to the website in real-time. It is cross browser compatible and SEO friendly. master slider

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Accordion Slider

Accordion Slider is a responsive WordPress plugin that supports touch, tap and swipe gestures on tablets, smartphones, android Blackberry and other devices. This popular plugin offers visitors an intuitive and engaging experience. It features powerful JavaScript API to help users add or remove the content at runtime and control the slider effectively. Images, posts, Flickr and galleries are automatically reloaded without refreshing the page. accordion slider

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UnoSlider for WP

This responsive slider plugin is designed to grab the visitor’s attention towards the website and convince them to stay for longer time duration. It includes lots of transition animations to improve the web user interface. This jQuery content slider plugin is touch enabled and optimized for different devices. Key features are HTML slides editor, animated layers editor, transitions editor, images preloader, documentation and 40+ preset transitions. unoslider for WP

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 SlideDeck 2

SlideDeck 2 is a powerful plugin designed to help users create striking WordPress sliders without worrying much about the coding part. This plugin has full support for images, text, video, and custom HTML. You can integrate content from various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, NextGEN, Instagram, RSS feeds etc. Install this ultimate plugin as it comes packed with lots of features to make your site stand out. slidedeck 2

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SlideDeck 1

It’s an attractive content slider WordPress plugin that can be downloaded for free. This plugin allows you to build your own content slider widget or slideshow and insert it to your post by using WYSIWYG editor and SlideDeck picker. You can easily customize the plugin without touching even a single line of code. SlideDeck 1 is SEO optimized to let search engines quickly crawl and index the website. slidedeck 1

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Carousel Horizontal Posts Content Slider

This plugin is designed to impress visitors the minute they land on the website. You can display posts and other important content in a horizontal sliding way. Configure this plugin via the user friendly options. Visitors can touch or swipe on the slider for easy navigation. It is SEO friendly, mobile ready, widget ready, translation ready and cross browser compatible. carousel horizontal posts content slider

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Dynamic Content Gallery

This plugin helps you create dynamic gallery for showcasing featured posts, content, pages, categories and custom post types. Important features of this plugin are auto carousel thumbnail, custom jQuery script and auto image management options. You can translate content to other languages in order to reach more visitors from different parts of the world. dynamic content gallery

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WordPress Content Slide

WordPress Content Slide is a simple WordPress plugin mainly designed for creating javascript rotating image slideshows for your website. Download this plugin for free without any coding knowledge. This plugin allows you to customize each and every element of it to impress visitors and keep them awestruck. You can check out the live demo of this plugin in prior to the installation and setup process. wordpress content slide

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Easy Content Slider

This WordPress plugin is suitable for building an interactive content slider with category for your website. You can easily download this Easy Content Slider plugin for free and customize various aspects of it to make your site stand out from the rest of the crowd. This plugin works great for WordPress professionals as well as beginners without any coding knowledge. easy content slider

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Carousel Anything

If you would like to create unlimited content carousels then this plugin will be the best solution for you to reckon. Carousel Anything plugin allows you to modify every design element such as margins, padding etc. Images, content, images with text and team members can be turned into a carousel effortlessly. It features responsive design and supports touch enabled devices for dragging or swiping the carousels for quick navigation. carousel anything

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AllSlider is a gorgeous looking slider carousel WordPress plugin that comes at an affordable price. It offers two kinds of sliders namely posts slider and custom slider. This beautifully designed plugin helps you craft numerous sliders by simply dragging and dropping the interface. And you can display sliders on the website via widget or shortcode. It perfectly fits into any screen sized device and supports touch and swipe actions. allslider

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WooCommerce Product Slider/Carousel/Grid

This modern WordPress plugin comes jam packed with lots of flexible features to enhance the appearance of the website. You can enable or disable the star rating system It comes integrated with WooCommerce for displaying best selling, top rated, latest or recent products in a grid, slider or carousel within your WordPress posts or pages by using shortcode or widget. It supports WPML for translating it to multiple languages. woocommerce product slider

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Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a feature rich WordPress plugin that comes integrated with WooCommerce for selling recent products, on sale, top rated, best sellers, featured and recently viewed products in an effective way. This grid-carousel-slider plugin features flexible addons, 14+ hover and 38+ content animations, unlimited grid styles and responsive layout. Premium users are provided with free updates and 24/7 support by the dedicated team members.

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Smooth Slider

It’s an elegant WordPress slider plugin designed for those users who wish to create dynamic slideshows for their featured posts. Smooth Slider plugin is Javascript and text based and includes left slides section and buttons or right navigation pointers. You can easily change colours, fonts, image sizes and borders from the settings options panel without any need for PHP, HTML or CSS coding knowledge. smooth slider

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WordPress Slider

WordPress slider plugin is especially designed for displaying featured posts and other articles into a fancy looking JavaScript slider. This JavaScript slider can be showcased on any home page, category page or other web pages. If you encounter any issue then the extensive documentation will guide you in proper utilization of the plugin. wordpress slider

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Premium Featured Posts Slider

Premium Featured Posts Slider is a WordPress plugin designed to show off any kind of content using slider in an impressive manner. Design your slider by choosing from 18 variable customized layouts and 6 predefined layouts. Important features are thumbnails, pagination slide controls, arrows, CSS styles, intuitive admin GUI with inline, global and per post options. premium featured posts slider

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LayerSlider is the most popular and best selling WordPress plugin available at Code Canyon. It comes loaded with lots of advanced features to grab visitors attention the moment they land on the website. This plugin is search engine optimized for making your content readable by the Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. It is highly customizable and supports WPML and qTranslate plugins. layerslider

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Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is another best and popular WordPress plugin that comes loaded with wide range of features to suit various users requirement. This plugin perfectly scales down onto devices of diverse screen resolutions from large desktop computer to smartphones. Install this plugin for $18 to improve the appearance and functionality of the site. You can learn how to install this plugin and create new sliders, slider layouts and post based slider by checking out different video tutorials. slider revolution

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Featured Content Slider

It’s a powerful content slider WordPress plugin that allows you to display featured posts and pages in a slideshow. Install this plugin by following some basic steps and customize the featured content slideshow layout to match your style. This plugin comes loaded with powerful option set to make your website stand out. You can also add slide right and fading effects to the slideshows. featured content slider

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Verticalis Slider

Verticalis Slider is one of the best WordPress plugins that can be highly customized by using intuitive options. This plugin allows you to showcase slides randomly or reorder them in your own way. You can embed sliders via simple template tag in template file. It is SEO optimized to enhance the website appearance and visibility on various search engines. Users are provided premium support by the help forums.

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Front Slider

Front Slider is a simple WordPress plugin designed for adding fancy slideshows to your website. It lets you include date, time, excerpt and comments for featured posts. You can customize height, width, border, colour, text length, duration and speed of the front slider. This plugin provides a great viewing experience since it automatically generates thumbnails that looks perfect on all devices. front slider

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This jQuery based image slide show script is used for showcasing attractive images with sliding transitions and fading effects. vSlider plugin makes use of the WordPress jQuery library for customizing it without touching any single line of code. You can set numerous image sliders on each page. This plugin is tested to run well on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and so on. vSlider

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Featured Content Gallery

This WordPress plugin is developed by iePlexus to improve the overall appearance and functionality of the website. It allows you to craft automated rotating image gallery of pages and posts. You can quickly and easily install this plugin by following the simple steps. This plugin displays title, few lines of post or page, image and auto generated thumbnail in the carousel for each post or page. featured content gallery

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Coin Slider 4

It’s an attractive WordPress plugin that can be easily implemented on your website. Coin Slider 4 plugin allows you to modify the default width and height parameters of the images in pixels. It even helps you set custom fields for images showcased in gallery. You can either turn on or off the text field for displaying content gallery title bar underneath the title. coin slider 4

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Meta Slider

Meta Slider is an intuitive and powerful WordPress plugin that comes packed with easy-to-use features. This popular plugin can be downloaded for free without wasting huge amount of money. With this plugin, you can create search engine optimized slideshows with coin slider, flex slider, nivo slider and responsive slides. It can be translated to German, Polish, Chinese, French, Romanian, Hebrew and other languages. meta slider

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WordPress Grid Slider

WordPress Grid Slider is an amazing plugin that is highly configurable and resizable to match various users taste and requirement. You can enable or disable the responsive mode of this plugin. You can set the total number of rows and columns for every slide. It also allows you to insert regular text and HTML tags for captions. Visitors can easily navigate to other categories since this plugin supports multiple categories. wordpress grid slider

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Smart Sidebars Slider

Smart Sidebars Slider is a modern plugin that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. This plugin helps you include any number of sidebars either on the left or right side of the web page. You can manage the sidebar size, tab content, visibility rules and auto position tabs. By using simple style builder you can build your own colour scheme to make your sidebars look more attractive and visually appealing. smart sidebars slider

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Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider

Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider is a beautiful WordPress plugin especially designed for showcasing dvd, cd, magazines, books etc. This plugin even lets you display html cent, YouTube and Vimeo videos and images via lightbox. It is compatible with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. It includes detailed documentation for solving the potential queries of the users. multipurpose bookshelf slider

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WooCommerce Extension for Frontend Page Builder

This latest WordPress plugin is designed to grab the visitor’s attention towards the website. Install this plugin at an affordable price to showcase different types of content including images in a popup window by using quick look option. This plugin works similar to the Frontend Page Builder plugin. It features slider shortcode, products shortcode, grid shortcode and categories shortcode. woocommerce extension for frontend page builder

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