40+ Best WordPress Coupon Plugins

WordPress coupon plugins are designed to turn regular websites to full featured coupon websites. Customers are always on the lookout for some sort of discount coupons or deals while purchasing products to save their money.

With the help of these plugins, website owners can motivate visitors to register and avail the good bargain deal, thus converting them into potential customers. Bloggers can also utilize these plugins to post great deals in their website and increase the number of visitors landing on their web pages.

Choose a best plugin for creating a powerful coupon or deal site and generate more amount of money similar to RetailMeNot, Groupon and LivingSocial websites. These coupon WordPress plugins undeniably helps you customize your website the way you want to due to its flexible and easy to use features.

Take a look at these 40+ Best WordPress Coupon Plugins and hope they are helpful in boosting your business.

Magic Wp Coupons

magic Wp coupons

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This WordPress plugin is designed to transform your simple site to a fully functional coupon website. Key features are likes or dislikes system, click counter system, thumbnail and external CSS support.

Visitors can easily browse, search and use the coupon codes while purchasing products. This plugin is compatible with most of the WordPress templates out there.

Coupon Code

coupon code

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Coupon Code WordPress plugin would be a perfect choice to enhance your affiliate earnings and protect your income. You can easily install this Coupon Code plugin as it features easy to use options.

With this plugin, you can display coupon codes onto the website only as an image but not as a text. And it cannot be copied without visiting the affiliate link.


JC Coupon Lite

JC coupon lite

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This would be an ultimate WordPress Coupon Plugin for creating a fully functional coupons website. JC Coupon Lite plugin allows you to include coupons on every post or page based upon the requirement.

It even lets you set expiry date for every coupon and whenever the particular coupon passes the expiry date it will not be displayed on the website. You can also set coupons without any expiry date.


Coupon Creator

coupon creator

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Coupon Creator WordPress plugin allows you to craft your own coupon or simply upload the coupon image on your website. By using shortcode inserter, you can add coupons on posts or web pages.

You just have to fill up all the settings in custom meta box with the help of coupon custom post type. Coupons will be displayed until the expiry date or you can even create coupons with no expiry date at all.


WP Coupon Widget

WP coupon widget

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With this plugin, you can showcase coupons only to the relevant users by asking them to share and then avail the coupon code. You can quickly setup and install this plugin without any coding knowledge.

It is designed to improve your conversion rate as well as email list. This theme allows you to change colours, text and other aspects with ease. It features analytics and language independent.



 View Demo | Download

VoucherPress is a fully functional WordPress plugin designed to help you give away coupons, tickets, tokens or vouchers on the website. You can choose from the predefined templates or create your own template for displaying coupon.

You can add each voucher with a unique code to let people use voucher code only once as it associates with the email addresses.

Social Coupon

social coupon

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Social Coupon WordPress plugin comes packed with a wide range of useful features and you can avail them by downloading this plugin at an affordable price. It allows you to include social coupon system to enhance your brand value and generate social media traffic towards your website.

It is compatible with WooCommerce and helps you control where you want social coupon to display on checkout, product or cart pages.

Price: $23.00


JC Coupon Revealer

JC coupon revealer

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JC Coupon Revealer WordPress plugin works great for those users who want to transform their regular website to a powerful coupon site. Design your site by choosing from 8 predesigned styles.

You can import and print coupon ads or display coupons with destination URL on the web page. It supports Internet Explorer browser and compatible with different WordPress versions.


WooCommerce Coupons Countdown

woocommerce coupons countdown

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This coupon WordPress plugin helps you create new coupons with expiry date. Real time countdown counter is a unique feature of this plugin.

You can limit coupons to the customers after certain count of products gets sold in the market. It is equipped with a new shortcode to add pretty colours to different coupons.

Price: $25.00




Viral Plaza

viral plaza

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Viral Plaza is an amazing WordPress coupon plugin designed to help you add exceptional coupon code on the site. You can grant the coupon access only to the visitors who share or like your page in Facebook or tweet in Twitter.

With this plugin, the friends or relatives of the customers will even come to know about the offer and purchase your products.

Price: $97.00


Coupon Reveal

coupon reveal

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If you are in search of a best WordPress coupon plugin then Coupon Reveal would be the perfect solution for you. Install this plugin to insert striking coupon code widgets onto the posts or pages of the website.

Improve your conversion rate as this plugin offers you three unique ways to present coupons by revealing coupon, activate offer and click to copy. You can even provide coupons for service based sites who write reviews about your brand.

WP Coupon

WP couponView Demo | Download

WP Coupon plugin is developed to turn your simple site to a fully functional coupon website. You can create numerous coupons for different niches such as hosting, travel, books etc.

This plugin is highly customizable and if you encounter any issue then check out the installation guide with screenshots. It is search engine optimized to showcase your content in the first page by optimizing titles and headings.

Price: $199.00


 Viral Coupon

viral coupon

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Viral Coupon is designed to make your WooCommerce website go viral by providing customers with particular discount only if they like or share in Facebook, Tweet or Google +1 about your website. You can offer free shipping, fixed amount off cart or certain % off cart in the checkout process.

The coupon automatically gets applied once the page link is shared on the social networking platform. It is tested to work well with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Price: $18.00


NIC Discount Coupon Management

NIC discount coupon management

View Demo | Download

With this plugin, you can easily manage the discount coupons as it features WPS coupon management. You can randomly generate coupons or enter manual code up to 10 characters.

By using shortcode, you can insert coupons on posts or pages.  It allows you to place custom URL for every coupon to redirect it to the next page.


WordPress Coupon Generator

wordPress coupon generator

View Demo  | Download

WordPress Coupon Generator plugin helps you create, edit or delete multiple coupons based on upon the requirement from WordPress admin. Change the look of every coupon by using 8 different colour schemes.

You can add countdown for coupons along with expiry date similar to the Groupon style. The messages and coupon action buttons could be translated to any language.

WooCommerce Gift Coupons

wooCommerce gift coupons

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This plugin allows you to craft and manage gift coupons with ease. WooCommerce Gift Coupons plugin is mainly designed to reward customers with any gift once they apply coupon code.

It is built on the standard WooCommerce coupon functionality. It supports localization for translating coupons to multiple languages.

Price: $17.00


WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons

wooCommerce volume discount coupons

View Demo | Download

It’s an elegant WordPress plugin mainly designed to allow customers to apply volume discount coupons on particular product or product categories. This plugin also comes equipped with a new shortcode to render coupons in pretty colours.

Customers can only add these coupons in the cart page based on the quantity of products purchased by them.

Price: $25.00


WooCommerce User Discount

wooCommerce user discount

View Demo | Download

WooCommerce User Discount is suitable for owners who own an e-shop and want to set discount coupons only for the registered or logged in customers. This plugin attracts more users to register and avail discounts on different products.

You can translate this plugin to Estonian, English and other languages. It is compatible with WooCommerce and latest WordPress version.

Price: $18.00


WooCommerce  Role Discount

 Role Discount

View Demo | Download

WooCommerce Role Discount is a premium plugin that is compatible with the modern version of WordPress. Key features of this plugin are WordPress user roles and built-in coupons system.

It allows you to create multiple coupons for different custom roles. You can easily manage the coupons system by assigning it to every role since this plugin is based on WooCommerce coupons system.

Price: $18.00


Viral Coupon WP e-Commerce

viral coupon wp e commerce

View Demo | Download

It’s a powerful WordPress eCommerce plugin that can be easily setup onto your website with its user friendly interface. You can even configure links, tweets, messages, coupon codes and page integration in a single click.

Customers can avail the discount coupons only when they Facebook like, Tweet or Google +1 the link and the coupon automatically gets applied on the cart page.

Price: $18.00




Coupon Locker

coupon locker

View Demo | Download

Coupon Locker is a fully functional WooCommerce WordPress plugin from Code Canyon. This plugin is designed to lock the editing of the coupons once they get printed on the advertising materials or after announcing it online.

You can specify different reasons for locking coupon editing and you can even unlock them by simply clicking on the unlock button. It is compatible with WooCommerce Smart Coupons extension.

Price: $16.00


WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions

wooCommerce coupon exclusions

View Demo | Download

WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to provide restrictions on coupon usage. This plugin limits the coupon validity based on the application of other coupons.

Users can even remove other coupons when a specific coupon is applied to the cart page. If you face any issue with the plugin then check out the documentation to know more about this extension.

Price: $19.00


WooCommerce Coupon Messages

wooCommerce coupon messages

View Demo | Download

This easy to use WooCommerce extension WordPress plugin comes at an affordable price for you to install it on your website. WooCommerce Coupon Messages plugin is designed to override error messages or generic messages for coupons.

You can add informative messages instead of the boring default messages like “Coupon code applied successfully”. If a potential customer applies a non existing coupon then you can also help them in finding the right one.

Price: $15.00


WooCommerce Coupons by Location

wooCommerce couponsby location

View Demo | Download

As the name signifies, this eCommerce WordPress plugin limits coupons by the customer’s city, state or country. It improves conversion rate when customers are provided with specific discounts as well as the locations being specified.

This plugin works well for local marketing purpose by letting you enter custom locations. It even supports other coupon rules and plugins.

Price: $21.00


WooCommerce After Sales Coupon

 After Sales Coupon

View Demo | Download

WooCommerce After Sales Coupon can be easily and quickly installed onto the website. With this plugin, you can offer special coupon to the customer after he completed his checkout process so that he can use it on his next product purchase.

It allows you to enable or disable the coupons and set 1 coupon for every user with ease.

Price: $15.00


Like 2 Discount

like 2 discount

View Demo | Download

Like 2 Discount is a latest WooCommerce WordPress plugin for generating coupon codes as well as Facebook likes. You can customize the banners, triggering options, enter or exit transitions, modal content etc.

It generates coupon codes to only those who have liked your Facebook page and it even confirms the email address before activating the coupons. Install this plugin to get 1 Facebook like and customer email address.

Price: $19.00


Ninja Popups

ninja popups

View Demo | Download

Ninja Popups WordPress plugin comes packed with a wide range of powerful features. With this plugin, you can offer discount coupons to the leaving customers or allow them to subscribe your newsletter.

You can integrate different social icons to help users share your link over the networking platform. Key features are MailChimp support, social network locker, traffic bouncer popups, APi integration and Google analytics.

Price: $25.00


WordPress Events Registration Calendar

wordPress events registration calendar

View Demo | Download

This feature rich plugin is mainly designed for creating and managing events via admin interface. Install this plugin to create new discount coupons for your events. It is equipped with .po file for easy translation of the text to any language.

This plugin features integration of PayPal or Authorize.net for accepting payments online in a secure way. Add Google maps to help customers track down your event location.

Price: $29.00


Paid Content Packages

paid content packages

View Demo | Download

Paid Content Packages is a premium WordPress plugin that comes loaded with built-in discount coupons management system for creating coupons and promoting content online. You can add discount coupons for every package with an expiration date.

It comes integrated with WooCommerce plugin for selling different products online. This plugin is localization and translation ready.

Price: $40.00


Code Shop

code shop

View Demo | Download

With this plugin, you can promote and sell coupon codes, license or vouchers on your website. It supports various payment gateways like PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, BitPay and Stripe.

You can set fixed price for the coupon code or allow customers to set their own price for the coupon or voucher code. Free coupons can also be distributed to the customers.

Price: $20.00



WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend

wooCommerce sponsor a friend

View Demo | Download

WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend plugin is compatible with the modern version of WordPress. This plugin allows your customers to sponsor or refer their friends by entering their name, email address and optional address in the simple form.

A unique coupon code is sent to the customer by setting the amount, type and date for expiry. This process continues with the referrer being offered Reward a Coupon of specific amount.

Price: $20.00


Woocommerce Gift Card

woocommerce gift card

View Demo | Download

Woocommerce Gift Card plugin is designed especially for WooCommerce stores to sell redeemable gift cards to people. This plugin automatically generates the coupon codes for gift cards and it can be applied on the check out or cart page.

Gift cards consisting of coupon codes will only be sent when the payment is made successful. It uses shortcode for creating gift cards on a separate page to avoid confusion of having gift products on the same shop page.

Price: $29.00


WPD Shopper add-on

WPD shopper add on

View Demo | Download

It’s a clean and simple WordPress plugin especially designed for selling e-goods. WPD Shopper add-on comes up with coupon system for creating and managing coupons with ease.

You can categorize products or items and promote them online. Important features of this plugin are statistics, user friendly admin interface, zip extraction for screenshots and clean layout.

Price: $9.00


WooCommerce Free Gift

wooCommerce free gift

View Demo | Download

WooCommerce Free Gift is an elegant WordPress plugin designed to reward customers with free gifts if they spend more amount of money. You can enable or disable the coupons based on your requirement.

Customers can be provided with gift coupons and message can be displayed on the cart page notifying that they are eligible for a free gift. This plugin is ready for translation to other languages.

Price: $17.00



Woocommerce Auto Added Coupons

woocommerce auto added coupons

View Demo | Download

Woocommerce Auto Added Coupons is designed to allow customers to apply coupons via URL. This plugin automatically adds coupons to the customers cart if restrictions are met or else the coupons will get removed if they are not met.

You can easily setup this plugin without any coding knowledge. The coupon code will be displayed as a descriptive text.

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