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Redirection is one of the favored plug-ins amongst users as it makes the redirection of affiliate links fairly simple. Often, people list a domain and then proceed to redirect their link to that domain. However, setting up a new domain is always not necessary as they are forever increasing in number and keeping up with them would be a tedious task. Thus setting up a redirect to stylize the links and make it easy for the user to remember is of prime importance. Furthermore, it prevents theft of affiliate commissions.

Users are in love with WordPress and over the years it has emerged as the primary source for website and blog development. The main reason why people are so addicted to WordPress is due to the fact that it has a plug-in to serve all the necessary purposes. Redirection is one of them.

For people using WordPress on their own domain, downloading the plug-in is the basic step. Once that is done, they need to unzip the downloaded file and transfer it to the plug-ins folder. The plug-in should be available in the administration panel under plug-ins. Locate redirection and activate it. Then, in the tools section, the user needs to click on Redirection. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all the available plug-ins.

To set up a new one, the user needs to fill out a section called Add a new Redirection under the list of available redirect plug-ins. Once that is done, all that is left to do is to click on the Add Redirection button and the plug-in will be functional. Another reason why users cannot resist using this plug-in is because of the fact that these redirect links often direct users to an affiliate link. It is a highly profit-generating venture.

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