Pureline – Responsive, Super-Customizable WordPress Template

Pureline – Responsive, Super-Customizable WordPress Template

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One of the most versatile and comprehensive online business themes, Pureline gives business owners and webmasters a powerful platform for building their website on. With a huge HTML5 slider showcasing their website’s top pages, a large homepage for information, and a variety of page layouts, Pureline is a very versatile WordPress template.

Fully accessible on modern smartphones, tablets, and full-size computers, Pureline is a WordPress theme that’s ideal for online businesses and content-driven websites in need of a responsive, user-friendly experience. With a clear homepage that’s easy to navigate yet packed with information, this theme is unbelievably large and dense.

Pureline uses some of the most advanced HTML5 seen in a WordPress theme. The large slider on the homepage sneaks into the page from the right, with text content and images ‘flying’ onto the page quickly and smoothly. This slider makes it easy to show off your website’s most important content to first-time users and visitors.

Below the slider is a four-column feature menu that can be used to display business features or product benefits. Below this, the theme includes a sampling of portfolio posts in a four-column layout, as well as a brief text and image summary of recent blog posts, testimonials, and other important website content.

Pureline is a very dense theme, with both animated activity and information taking up a large portion of the homepage. Thankfully, its inner pages are less dense with information and much easier on the eyes. Simple blog and ‘about us’ templates are included, as well as a customizable ‘page builder’ tool for creating page layouts.

While Pureline’s dense and feature-packed layout make far from ideal for text-heavy websites, its smooth design and great use of HTML5 make it ideal for web agencies, creative studios, and freelancers. If your business needs a professional image that’s also technologically sound, Pureline is one of the best WordPress themes for you.

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