RoyaleRoom – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Template

RoyaleRoom – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Template

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A stylish, user-friendly, and very beautiful WordPress template designed with the needs of real estate agents and developers in mind, RoyaleRoom is one of the best WordPress themes on the market for anything property related. With its gigantic HTML5 slider and clean homepage design, this clean template is a great choice.

RoyaleRoom was designed with property showcasing in mind, and it can certainly be seen in the theme’s layout and color scheme. With a simple black-on-white color scheme and a minimal background, the focus of RoyaleRoom is the properties that are on display, and not the site’s design itself.

RoyaleRoom uses a simple top bar navigational system, with menus descending as required from the top bar. The homepage pairs a large HTML5 slider with a variety of on-page elements, including a ‘mission statement’ section for property agents, as well as a small assortment of recent properties and basic pricing categories.

Designed to sell houses as effectively as possible, RoyaleRoom integrates well with image hosting platforms such as Flickr. Home listings can source images from local storage or pull them from off-site locations, as well as integrating Flickr albums into the homepage’s design and right-aligned information bar.

RoyaleRoom is a responsive theme that scales to fit the browser and device that it’s being viewed on. At high resolutions, the design features a large slider featuring text and image content. At smaller resolutions, the page scrolls downwards to provide a great deal of property information without creating a ‘cluttered’ page design.

Backed up by a powerful admin panel that allows users to quickly and easily add all of their properties, full support for Google maps and property search plug-ins, and a variety of special design features such as cross-browser compatibility and comment plug-in compatibility, RoyaleRoom is a great WordPress theme for online realtors.

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