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A responsive business theme that uses vertical scrolling to great effect, Expression is a great WordPress theme for online service companies. With a homepage theme that blends large amounts of text content with a great visual background, this responsive WordPress theme is ideal for service providers, developers, and sales companies.

Expression uses a simple single-page vertical strolling layout, in which all of the site content is displayed on a single vertical plane. The top bar, which is used as the only navigational instrument on the website, allows users to skip to various points on the homepage, skipping past all of the content that doesn’t appeal to them.

This clean, simple, user-friendly design separates Expression from the thousands of business themes that spread content across multiple pages. With all of the website content spread across a single landing page, building a website that’s responsive on a wide range of platforms and devices is very simple.

Expression incorporates a large full-width HTML5 slider, which shows off the few inner pages supported by the theme. Businesses that wish to promote their services in greater detail can use a variety of simple inner page templates to separate their content from the home page. This improves user experience and search visibility.

With a powerful administrative panel, Expression can be linked with Analytics and tracking software to ensure that your advertising campaigns and social media work is running on schedule. The theme supports a variety of comment systems and can effortlessly link with social media profiles.

While its one-page design won’t appeal to everyone, Expression is a fantastic theme for online businesses and service providers seeking a simple platform for promoting their service. From web developers to application design studios, this simple, user-friendly theme is perfect for making your business the ultimate star of the show.

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