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If we are talking about WordPress themes, then there is one theme which needs to be mentioned, and that is Quark. Quark is one of the most useful and user-friendly themes to have been introduced on the WordPress platform, and there are many reasons behind this.

If you are planning to put up a website for corporate or business purposes, then Quark is the right thing for you. It is a very fresh theme, and will help you in more ways than one to get ahead in the game, with your business. Just like any other WordPress theme, Quark hosts a highly responsive design, meaning that no matter what your medium of display is, you will never lose out on display quality, and all the contents of your website will always look the same way.

Apart from the responsive design, there are a gallery of features that are inherent to Quark. You get unlimited colours and twenty predefined skins, which make customization a great deal easier and you can host your website exactly the way you want it. The theme comes with both sliders, the Nivo and the Flex, so it’s a win-win there as well. The layout of the theme is responsive to a great extent, and the short code generator built in to the theme is an added bonus, and sports a Facebook like box.

The page templates are really flexible, and you get to use six templates for portfolio purposes, and three templates for blogging uses. The Quark theme also flaunts a module which is built-in for social media, and you can even display Twitter feeds, while there are nine widgets, fully customized, for displaying recent posts. Apart from all these, you have the Google map feature in the theme, and the option of Flickr photo streaming as well!

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