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Board – A WordPress Theme

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For any website, usability and content visibility is the key to the achievement of functionality. Word Press creates open source customizable sites that can be used to publish articles, blogs and images. Word Press is a Desktop publishing tool and unlike creating an HTML site, you can easily and quickly just download a template which would have the layout already present and just require you to fill in the content for your Site. The board is one such suave WordPress portfolio theme that allows you to upload blogs and articles in a user friendly and responsive manner.

Board is your basic Portfolio theme and has a lot of utility for whatever kind of business you are looking to apply it for. However Board works best with displaying blogs and portfolios. This theme can be downloaded on to your WordPress tool and can be accessed from the dashboard. It is also compatible with WordPress 3.5.

There are many great features to Board. Here are the best to tell you why Board is ideal for Portfolios and blog sites:

  • User friendly Design and attractive layout of your articles
  • Responsive graphics and layout of page
  • Portfolio Plugin included for ease of uploading portfolio. The board has applications that are already set up so that you have ease of access
  • Accessible layout ensures that your portfolio is easy to navigate
  • This theme is compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress themes
  • This software also has a shortcut application so that you can access the site straight from your menu
  • This Theme is translation ready and can easily be transferred from PO to MO
  • Classic Portfolio theme which is good for displaying blogs and articles in a blog site layout, and is simple and user friendly to view

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